Escheatment: Maltese Cat Book Series. Chapters 22 and 23

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Chapter 22

DHS Still Working on Swiss Account

Lionel Traywick had summoned his team together in the boardroom. They had been discussing various cases on which they were working. Finally, they arrived at the subject of the Swiss accounts.
“Any new activity in these accounts?”
A special agent spoke up. “Nothing recently. Usually, it happens at year’s end. That, of course, is 3 months away.”
Trying to keep his composure, Traywick asked, “And what have you found out about where the money is coming from?”
Another agent spoke up. “We are getting closer, sir. We now know that the transfers originate from the New York branch office of The Middle East Bank Libya. From there we have traced the deposits from various accounts across the nation. But it appears that they all originate from one bank in Riverside, California.”
“Could this be their funding source?
“Possibly. Seems odd that it would originate in Orange County. That usually is seen as a conservative bastion.”
“Perfect cover,” said Traywick “Can we get surveillance on that bank?”
“Already been done.”
“And let’s review their bank records.”
“On as we speak, Sir.”
Traywick had a good feeling about this, finally.


Chapter 23

Transportation Security Administration

Tommy had spoken to James’s secretary and discovered that James would be flying out to New York on Thursday. After a short discussion with the Cat, they both decided on a course of action. One of the other Zapp Kids would have to handle the switch at the airport since James had already met Tommy. Vishnu volunteered but, in the end, it was Arby who was elected. Tommy would be in the van outside the airport the whole time for support, and Vishnu would accompany him.

The procedure would prove to be rather simple. Tommy had discovered from the secretary that James would be flying with United Airlines on the UA 760 flight departing at 10:50 a.m. He also found out that James liked to arrive early and avail himself of United’s Red Carpet Club in Boarding Area F. The Kids arrived very early. Arby went to the TSA security check closest to gate 80 and asked for Mr. Thompson. A large, overweight Cal Thompson came over to greet Arby. Cal had already been briefed the night before about his function. Cal was once homeless, jobless, and indigent when he stumbled across the Frisco Disco. About a month later, he met the Cat one day at lunch. After an introduction from Joel, the Maltese Cat listened to Cal’s story, then he gave Cal some money to get cleaned up, and set him up with a job interview with the airport’s Transportation Security Administration. The Cat knew that TSA was hiring, and the applicants were not even required to have a high school diploma, which Cal had anyway. Cal got the job and had never forgotten Cat’s generosity. When he received a call from the Cat the night before, he had no problem paying back a favor. He gave Arby a visitor’s security pass and explained to his colleagues that the young man was a computer specialist who was testing the security screening machines. The other TSA employees accepted the explanation lackadaisically and ignored Arby.

Shortly after 9 a.m., Arby spotted James Van Houten in line for his security check. James carried a folding valise that contained another suit and had his attaché case with him, both as onboard luggage. Arby pointed him out to Cal. In front of the conveyor belt, James dutifully removed his belt, shoes, and metal articles from his pockets, including his Rolex watch from his wrist, and extracted his laptop computer from his attaché case, which he put in a separate basket. Cal intercepted James as he came through the security portal which emitted a high tone whistle. Cal asked James to come over to a separate room with him, explaining that James’s property would be brought to them by another official. James started to protest, but Cal was authoritative. James did not wish to risk the chance of missing his flight over a silly encounter with this buffoon, so he submitted to Cal’s request.

”Mind that computer!” James barked back at the man screening the items on the conveyor belt. Arby took the computer and disappeared behind a portable panel. Quickly, he opened the back cover of the computer, gave the circuit boards a cursory look, reached into his pocket and produced a small transmitter. He installed it the device, placed the cover back on the computer, and returned the computer to James’s belongings. Another
employee collected all the items and brought them on a cart to the examination room where James was held.

Arby exited the area, still wearing the security badge, and left the airport. Tommy and Vishnu were waiting outside for him. It was the sixth time they had circled the airport to arrive back at the departure section. Arby climbed in the van. He gave Tommy a thumbs up, and Tommy slid the van away from the curb and took Highway 101 back into the City.

Back in the office, Tommy phoned the Cat, who was busy skimming through some documents at home.
“The transmitter can only be accessed in close proximity to the computer,” Tommy explained.
“It has an on-off switch so that it is not broadcasting all the time. When it is on, however, we will have complete access to every activity the computer has made.”
“How are you planning on accessing the data?”
“That will be easy. I have already met with Van Houten concerning the IPO. I’ll just schedule another meeting saying I have more questions.”
It sounded very innocuous to the Maltese Cat. A solid cover story.
“That’s good. When do you plan on doing this?”
“I’ll call him up on Monday and see how he can fit me into his schedule.”
“Call me when you have met with him,” said the Cat. He clicked off. The plan was coming together just as expected. Soon, the Maltese Cat would have all the information he needed to take down the Boys Club.

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