Increase your Personal Awareness. Become an Author for 2LUXURY2.COM

2LUXURY2.COM is looking for contributors/ authors.We are welcoming all folks involved in the fabulous world of luxury.

The ideal candidate must be a specialist in his area whether we speak about business, travel, automotive, aviation, concierge services, etc.

The Conditions for You, as a future Author

– The post could be either from your area of expertise or could be an experience connected to luxury, the minimum length  is 500 words;
– Other links in text, except those to the author’s website/ blog are not accepted (that means that you are creating awareness for You as a Author – not for a Sponsor).

What you will get as an Author

– 2LUXURY2.COM will post the author’s links to its website or blog, alongside a short description for the author at the bottom of each article.

– If the author brings 3 or more articles to 2LUXURY2 then it will be added permanently to our About Us Section.


From the moment of publishing of the material in 2LUXURY2.COM , as an Author you agree to pass the copyrighting rights for your material to us. Still, you can repost an excerpt of your article on your personal blog, but not the entire text.

If this sounds interesting to you, drop us an e-mail at luxury[at], and we will contact you within 48 hours.