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To be inspired is great; To inspire is incredible.
2LUXURY2.com was created with the desire to bring the most thoughtful journeys of the world, brands to trust, experiences that enrich your knowledge, and extend your horizon. We handpick the very best from the top-end industries for truly luxurious experiences, experiences with a profound meaning beyond the hedonistic moment, stories that bring pleasure to the soul and the eye. Every moment is a priceless collector’s item.

2LUXURY2 has established itself as a leading digital magazine for luxury enthusiasts thanks to our inspiring team that we continue to thrive. We are a virtual business with no offices and work from around France, UK, Central Europe, and Belgium. Our highly motivated and radiant team with great work ethics consists of specialist contributors from all over the globe. Our constant video communication via all available platforms ensures we are keeping our editorial content relevant, invigorating and in-line with our strategies across the e-magazine and our social media channels. We’ve been selected as an honorary judge for the Luxury Lifestyle Awards, an international Award granted to the companies in luxury segment for their initiatives and outstanding achievements.

Digital transformation will help to reshape and re-imagine the luxury services of tomorrow. This is a great marketing opportunity to display your portfolio in front of a very discerning audience of influencers. The magazine combines inspiration with innovation to bring to light purpose-driven solutions responding to some of your brand’s biggest challenges. What are the biggest opportunities for the industry? Our news, insights and industry reports will tell you all.  SHARE YOUR UNIVERSE WITH US.

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costin frunza Costin Frunza

Journalist, consultant and expert in luxury, 2LUXURY2.COM’s founder and publisher takes much of his inspiration from his exploits. Travelling, sailing the seven seas, climbing mountains, driving classic cars… In fact, the freedom to travel gave birth to the e-magazine. The spirit of 2LUXURY2 was born in 2005, but the platform existed under different names. For Costin, the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. Costin’s escapades in the beautiful mountains of the world taught him that every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.

Before founding 2LUXURY2.COM, Costin Frunza developed a successful career in IT, Hospitality, Online Publishing for over 15 years, working for international consultancy firms.


creezy courtoy photo 2luxury2Creezy Courtoy

Journalist, historian, consultant and expert in luxury ( living most of the time in Brussel and Paris ), with a deep knowledge and understanding of each country heritage, Creezy Courtoy, chairman of The Perfume Foundation and Owner of Creezy!the Agency, she launched  “Les Routes du Parfum” in 1998 and the New Luxury Code in 2008 . Today she is helping luxury brands to adapt to this new world, consumer needs and to enter China – the most important but the most difficult market.


genia jovmir photoGenia Jovmir

With a professional background in Broadcast Media Industry, Communication,  Journalism, Marketing & PR in the field of Luxury Hospitality, at the end of 2008 she co-founded deLUXE-lifestyle, an e-magazine for luxury consumers dedicated to excellence, well-being and worldwide luxury trends, later developed into 2LUXURY2.

Representatives & Contributors

Our e-magazine is a sharing platform and all collaborators are more than welcome.


philippe-mihailovich-PHOTOPhilippe Mihailovich – FRANCE, UK

A leading academic and practitioner in the field of brand creation, brand architecture, brand stretching and primarily the modification of Brand’s DNA and story-building strategies. He is one of the first theorists of High Luxury Brand strategies that was published by The Luxury Society in 2009 in a 12 chapter called,  “Haute Luxe: Building your luxury brand love story”. Having started out as a fashion photographer and then as a marketing director in the beauty industry he evolved towards high luxury and now advises many independents and large brands in jewelry, timepieces, fashion, food and spirits through to hotels for www.hauteluxe.net

Claudio Prado Jr – BRAZIL

Journalist, entrepreneur, television presenter and director, consultant and communications specialist in the luxury market.
With 20 years of experience in the communications industry, has been operating for more than five years specifically serving customers in the luxury market and abroad who seek a position of prominence in the Brazilian consumer market, working as an integral consulting projects in communication and brand image , and press relations, public relations and management. Moreover, a collaborator of various magazines, websites and media focused on the luxury market.


Cynthia Pace – CANADA

an accomplished personal fashion stylist, lifestyle model, image consultant, etiquette authority, writer, and fashion/luxury/event lifestyle host & producer. Respected for her ability to find the classy/sexy balance; “always appropriate” is her motto. From hair and make-up, to accessories and jewellery, to clothing and even nail colour, she guides entire style teams to create head to toe synthesis and perfect wow factor for any style occasion.



John Francis Jackson – ARGENTINA

An American business advisor living outside of Buenos Aires. A passionate polo player, he writes on the subject of polo and raises polo ponies on his ranch.

Polo is the only sport that offers the combination of excitement, danger, elegance and glamour. It has been described the “King of Sports and the Sport of Kings.” It is the oldest and fastest non-mechanized sport.

Some say, “Polo is faster than hockey, rougher than rugby and sexier than golf.”

Jeff Anning – AUSTRALIA

Is the proud owner of Evolve Skateboards, Australia which is well known for designing Hand-made skateboards and shipping them worldwide. Jeff used to enjoy skateboarding and snowboarding since his childhood as then made his living out of this passion.


Madalina Salceanu – ROMANIA

Graduated in Psychology, Madalina is passionate about travel, expensive things, fashion and blogGing. You can find more interesting articles on her personal blog : http://raredelights.com/

Coralie Davignon – FRANCE

Master’s Degree in International trade and foreign languages she worked on different projects in France, Poland, Ireland and Italy. Keen on multiculturalism, she loves connecting people around great projects. “As Luxury and Internationality has always been my passions I aim to help luxury brands to achieve their corporate development plan assisting Creezy Courtoy.”

Yang Di – CHINA

Professional journalist, with eight years of experience in Shanghai’s print newspaper.
Based in Shanghai, she is specialized in lifestyle, fashion,design, travel, and wellbeing. She is fashion and lifestyle reporter for Shanghai Daily, the most famous daily English newspaper in Shanghai and also contributes to Travel + Leisure China edition.

Valerie Barrelet – CHINA

Independent Interior Designer and partner of Creezy the Agency China.
Valerie  comes from a lifetime of fashion and design. After a decade in Parisian Fashion Industry she moved to Montreal to learn Art Glass during 3 years.
She moved to Shanghai and created in 2000 her own studio which is dedicated to interior design. Since then she succeeded in this industry with over 250 individual design projects. Now she spent half her time in Europe to complete project and consulting.


In his multifaceted capacity, Lenny uses his experience and global network to bring together key clienteles in the Financial, Hospitality, Fashion and Media industry for an unparalleled private event experience.
Lenny previously served as Board of Director of Frère Independent, The Complexion Contemporary Ballet and WiYO Ltd. In 2010, via The Zephirin Group, he was ranked the No. 1 Stock Picker for the Oil Energy Equipment Services & Distribution Industry by the Financial Times StarMine AnalystAwards. He was executive producer of an advertisement commercial that won 1st place at the BFI London Film Festival in October 2010 for Unilever Surf Commercial Competition.