Taste test: which Easter eggs and hot cross buns should you buy?

Pierre Marcolini easter mystere eggs

Pierre Marcolini Easter 2018 collection; photograph: Pierre Marcolini


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Milk chocolate bunnies

Easter taste test

Choceur Chocolate Bunny
100g, 79p, aldi.co.uk
A bit of depth, more of a toffee flavour… caramel that’s been taken a bit further. Sweet without being too creamy.

Taste the Difference Swiss Chocolate Bunnies
440g, £6, sainsburys.co.uk
I feel sympathetic towards this bunny, it looks like a mother bunny. Quite thick chocolate, unexpectedly. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have much flavour at all.

Fortnum & Mason Bunny in a Box
100g, £15.95, fortnumandmason.com
Shinier than the others. The design gives it more personality. You can hear the snap. A very unusual flavour.

Marks & Spencer Beatrice Bunny Hollow Swiss Milk Chocolate
170g, £5, marksandspencer.com
It has a pleasant caramel flavour. It’s a little bit chalky but the finish is quite creamy.

Kids’ milk chocolate eggs

Easter taste test

Montezuma’s Organic Milk Chocolate with Butterscotch Eco Egg
150g, £8.99, montezumas.co.uk
Butterscotch bits… that adds nice texture and interest. Mmm, it’s got a slightly salty character that breaks up the monotonous sweetness.

Co-op Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Brownie Eg
200g, £5, co-operativefood.co.uk
The whole thing smells of fudge, which may appeal to some. The chocolate is thick and creamy.

Asda Smash Egg
330g, £5, asda.com
No shine, no snap. The small eggs inside have a thin crisp shell. I probably wouldn’t eat the egg but these are fun.

Hoppy Happy Easter Egg
200g, £9.99, selfridges.com
I don’t like the buttons on the side, chalky and extremely sweet. The egg has a nice sheen… a slight smoky flavour. ★

Praline eggs

Easter taste test

Rococo Praline Quail Eggs
200g, £10.95, rococochocolates.com
Good quality. You’ve got hard candy, then a darker layer and the praline inside. I really love the layers.

Waitrose Easter Praline Eggs
175g, £5, waitrose.com
The shell is really light, perfect. Very, very sweet. You can definitely tell its a praline, there’s a nutty flavour.

Fortnum & Mason Six Golden Praline Eggs
300g, £25, fortnumandmason.com
I don’t like this gold… it’s kind of neon. Very heavy. It’s a proper egg shell! Gosh, extremely sweet, soft chocolate… sickly actually. Difficult to eat. Style over substance.

Hotel Chocolat Elizapeck Milk Praline Eggs
75g, £6, hotelchocolat.com
The chocolate is chalky and the shell isn’t satisfying. No shine. Doesn’t look appealing, tastes of nothing.

Dark chocolate eggs

Easter taste test

Rococo Dark Chocolate Floral Egg
65%, 220g, £26.25, rococochocolates.com
Nice, satisfying snap. Quite acidic and fruity, not unpleasant… berry notes. The chocolate is good quality. I don’t like the plastic packaging inside, it feels inorganic somehow.

Waitrose 1 Dark Chocolate Easter Egg
65%, 240g, £10, waitrose.com
It feels a bit intimidating… it looks like the Gherkin. It doesn’t snap as well as you might think. Fruity and coffee-ish in flavour.

Marks & Spencer Single Origin Dark Chocolate Cocoa Pod
72%, 180g, £10, marksandspencer.com
The design is beautiful. Not overly thick. It’s got a bitter note. I can tell it is higher than 70% – a very adult taste.

Tesco Finest Dark Chocolate Egg
70%, 165g, £5, tesco.com
It’s OK. Quite thin. Good snap. Coffee-ish. Easy to eat but not much complexity. Smells like new shoes.

Luxury eggs

Easter taste test

Choc on Choc Belgian Chocolate Giant Ostrich Egg
350g, £25, choconchoc.co.uk
It’s only half an egg. No shine, incredibly hard to break. Melts well on the tongue, pleasant… a bit oaky.

Chococo Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Filled Egg
250g, £18, chococo.co.uk
Tastes like a children’s hot chocolate drink. The outside looks cheap, the inside very elegant.

Waitrose Chocolate Marble Egg
500g, £15, waitrose.com
I don’t like big eggs, I don’t get the point, but I suppose if you’re sharing it… Quite chalky. It’s doesn’t taste of anything except sweetness…. A little cocoa flavour at the end now.

Pierre Marcolini Milk Chocolate Mystery Egg
250g, £45, uk.marcolini.com
Lovely gloss. The darker praline tastes quite nice but the aftertaste of this one is awful. Not executed well.

Hot cross buns

Easter taste test

Morrisons The Best Extra Fruity Hot Cross Buns
4, £1, morrisons.com
A lovely glazed top. Loads of fruit, making it more like a teacake. Very sweet, could have been moderated by a bit more spice. A lingering aftertaste, almost like burnt toffee.

Marks & Spencer Luxury Hot Cross Buns
4, £1.70, marksandspencer.com
Looks pale and tastes like bread with fruit. It doesn’t have the spice.

Asda Extra Special Hot Cross Buns
4, £1.20, asda.com
It’s flat and dull. A reasonable amount of fruit and spice. Nice close-textured crumb but, alas, very dry to taste.|

Tesco Finest Extra Fruity Hot Cross Buns
4, £1.50, tesco.com
It feels very doughy. It has good flavour but the texture is heavy.

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