The latest luxury jewelry launches – creations that encapsulate the essence of luxury and elegance

The luxury jewelry industry has seen a dazzling array of launches in the last months, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship, innovation, and artistry. Here’s a comprehensive look at the latest luxury jewelry launches, featuring creations that encapsulate the essence of luxury and elegance.

The 2024 jewelry trends showcase a mix of brand allegiance with Chanel and Gucci pieces, artisan craftsmanship from Simone Rocha and Schiaparelli, and thematic inspirations like “Mermaidcore” embracing oceanic elements. Boho-chic embraces a free-spirited aesthetic with beaded and feathered designs, while statement earrings, including single and mismatched pairs, add bold flair. Metallic headbands bring a shiny accent to hairstyles, bangles and statement rings emphasize bold accessorizing, and layered necklaces encourage personalized combinations. Ribbons & bows add a delicate touch, and chunky chain-link jewelry underscores the appeal of statement pieces​.

@Louis Vuitton

There is a trend where where individuals showcase their loyalty and preference for specific luxury brands through their jewelry choices. Chanel and Gucci are highlighted for their iconic designs, such as Chanel’s interlocking Cs and Gucci’s interlocking Gs, which are sought after and worn as symbols of fashion prestige and brand affinity​.

Louis Vuitton’s Deep Time Collection: Artistic Director Francesca Amfitheatrof drew inspiration from the Earth’s prehistoric events to create bold pieces with gemstone combinations, including the standout Rupture necklace​​.

Tiffany & Co.’s Blue Book High Jewelry Collection: Tiffany’s largest collection to date includes the Jellyfish brooch and seashell pendant, celebrating the ocean’s depths with pieces inspired by Jean Schlumberger’s designs​​.

Bulgari’s Mediterranea High Jewelry Show: Lucia Silvestri unveiled pieces that capture the essence of the Mediterranean, including the Mediterranean Muse necklace with a central 15.13-carat blue sapphire​​.


Gucci’s Allegoria Collection: This collection features pieces with saturated colors and unique cuts, including a necklace with a 161-carat pink tourmaline and a pair of emerald jacket earrings​​.

Saint Laurent’s First Fine Jewelry Line: The luxury fashion house has ventured into fine jewelry, offering pieces that range from $800 to $40,000 USD, marking a significant addition to its luxury offerings​​​​.

Gucci’s High Jewelry Pieces During Paris Haute Couture: Gucci unveiled stunning new additions to its Hortus Deliciarum High Jewelry collection, including a yellow gold bracelet with a 16-carat rubellite tourmaline and a diamond-encrusted geometric chain necklace​​.

@David Morris

David Morris at Harrods Fine Jewelry Room: The British jewelry brand opened a boutique in Harrods, offering handcrafted couture jewelry using the finest stones, including sapphires from Kashmir and Colombian emeralds​​.

Pomellato’s high jewelry collection : “Ode to Milan” pays tribute to Milan, emphasizing the city’s influence on fashion and design. Celebrating Vincenzo Castaldo’s 20th anniversary as Creative Director, the collection showcases 33 designs inspired by Milan’s history and modern architecture.

Louis Vuitton launched its Blossom Fine Jewelry Collection in 2023, featuring Ana de Armas as the campaign face. This collection draws inspiration from the Monogram Flower, showcasing an innovative openwork design that combines boldness with organic charm. The Blossom collection includes 11 pieces in both pink and white gold, offering a variety of jewelry essentials designed for versatility and self-expression​​.