Timeless Style Meets Interstellar Adventure: Discover Chanel’s New Sci-Fi Watches

Chanel New Interstellar Watches Are Inspired by Science Fiction, Space and Time Travel.

@Chanel Interstellar Capsule Collection

The Chanel watch division studio has imagined the Chanel Interstellar Capsule Collection, inspired by space voyages, time travel, and epic science fiction. Chanel is tasked with leading an intergalactic mission through a reimagined J12 watch.

Chanel’s Watchmaking Creation Studio has developed the Chanel Interstellar capsule collection for 2023, drawing inspiration from the realms of science fiction, space, and time travel. The designs showcase a futuristic aesthetic with pixelated patterns, star-shaped pendants, circuit board motifs, and glow-in-the-dark accents. The Chanel J12, PREMIÈRE, BOY FRIEND, and CODE COCO watches have been reimagined in this collection, with each offering exclusive and limited editions of Haute Horlogerie timepieces.


Chanel BOY·FRIEND CYBERDATA – A magnetic interpretation of the BOY·FRIEND watch.
A dial featuring a circuit board design set with diamonds. A quilted black patent leather strap with a silver-coloured lining.


A monochromatic interpretation of the J12 watch, Chanel J12 Interstellar features a glittering black dial, like a starry sky, embellished with six diamonds and featuring a comet in motion.


CHANEL J12 CYBERNETIC WATCH – A graphic interpretation of the J12 watch.
A white pixel motif on a black-lacquer dial as well as on the unique case shaped like a staircase.


CHANEL J12 COSMIC – A luminous interpretation of the J12 watch.
A creation enhanced by the brilliance of 12 diamonds, where cosmic symbols appear on a phosphorescent dial.


CHANEL PREMIÈRE ROBOT-An avant-garde interpretation of the PREMIÈRE watch.
A 3D robot made with yellow gold, ceramic, blackened titanium, onyx and diamonds. A rubber strap with a velvet finish.


CHANEL CODE COCO CYBERGOLD WATCH – A solar interpretation of the CODE COCO watch
A quilted gold leather strap declaring the 6 letters of the House’s logo. Two black-lacquer dials, one set with a diamond.


PREMIÈRE LUCKY STAR – an exclusive creation from the CHANEL Interstellar Capsule.
A black-lacquer dial surrounded by sparkling stones. A star-shaped pendant set with diamonds, like a lucky charm on the wrist. PREMIÈRE LUCKY STAR is a celestial interpretation of the CHANEL PREMIÈRE watch, inspired by the world of science fiction, space and time travel.

J12 NIGHT STAR, a new Haute Horlogerie piece from the CHANEL Interstellar Capsule.
A dazzling black dial intersected by a comet perpetually in motion. A starry sky on the wrist, to wear day and night. J12 NIGHT STAR is a hypnotic interpretation of the CHANEL J12 watch, inspired by the world of space tourism.

CHANEL J12 DIAMOND TOURBILLON, a new Haute Horlogerie piece from the CHANEL Interstellar Capsule.
A bespoke solitaire diamond that rotates to the rhythm of the Flying Tourbillon movement developed by the CHANEL Manufacture. The subtle contrast between the sparkle of diamonds and the smooth finish of ceramic.