Mackmyra Muddus – An Exclusive Piece of Swedish Whisky History For Collectors And Connoisseurs

Mackmyra distillery in Sweden encapsulates some of the uniqueness and beauty of Muddus in a bottle. The unique experiences and the innovative whisky is made in one of the most sustainable distilleries in the world.

Swedish whisky with innovative finishings, matured in 30 liter casks ; @Mackmyra Small Batch is the defined, rare and unique. Outstanding casks that deserve the extra attention – bottled for a few to enjoy. ;

Mackmyra Muddus is a rare and unique small batch that’s defined by its outstanding casks and exclusive appearance. With only 3017 bottles available, this whisky made in Sweden is for the few who appreciate the extra attention given to its handcrafted creation.

The whisky’s distinct flavor profile comes from casks previously used to carry wild raspberry and cloudberry wine, resulting in a character typical of Mackmyra but unlike anything else. And with its new luxurious and elegant design, this is an exclusive piece of Swedish whisky history for collectors and connoisseurs who demand the very best in craftsmanship, taste, and design.

Inspired by the untouched beauty of the national park of the same name, Mackmyra Muddus boasts a floral and rich aroma with prominent spicy citrus notes. As the whisky is allowed to air, subtle notes of cloudberry and raspberry jam emerge, along with vanilla and caramel. The taste is a journey from oriental spices to sweet berries, with cloudberry landing further back in the mouth and complemented by caramel and vanilla for a complex flavor profile that surprises at every turn. The finish is long and balanced, with spicy heat alongside cloudberry and spicy yuzu.