Cartier Libre Polymorph Makes Jewelry Functional And Offers Unusual Ways To Wear

Cartier Libre questions form and design

Every year Cartier Libre presents a new collection. Designed with total freedom by the creation studios, each one draws on an unprecedented source of inspiration.




Daring to surprise, Cartier Libre questions form and design, challenging expertise and savoir-faire. Nothing is off limits, as long as it is done with style and audacity. Bringing life to these precious creations of static, hard materials: this is the creative challenge of Polymorph, the latest edition of Cartier Libre, inspired by surprise and transformation. Modularity is approached with a light-hearted humour. A panther’s claw conceals a miniature watch, a necklace is worn on the shoulder like a military braid, and proving that time is sometimes an accessory, a carabinier-watch can be clipped to your jeans.



Polymorph cultivates surprise in a collection of watches and jewelry that share a common characteristic: the ability to transform.
An enchanting bracelet has a dual personality – by day, it’s a ribbon of gold that plays with both fullness and negative space. At night, in a sudden twist, it transforms into an explosion of light, like a shower of diamonds.


Everywhere, Cartier dares to shake things up with a vision that takes the precious into the ordinary, makes jewelry functional and offers unusual ways to wear. This is the signature approach of a dynamic Maison.

Continuing its commitment to female empowerment, Cartier is launching the second season of the Women’s Perspectives podcast, hosted by Yara Shahidi. The inaugural episode features Meena Harris, lawyer, children’s book author, producer, and founder of Phenomenal Media, a media brand that promotes the stories of women and underrepresented communities.

Cartie maison’s role as a pioneer of modernity is also explored in the exhibition “Modern Paris 1905 – 1925” at the Petit Palais Museum in Paris, through emblematic pieces from the Cartier Collection. Cartier is the only jewelry Maison to be featured in the exhibition, at the invitation of the museum.