The Latest Design Trends in Luxury Homes



The passing of every New Year means welcoming a slew of new interior decor trends to your already-extensive feng shui palette. 2017 was marked by brass accents, cerused wood, and lively terrariums while rose gold and exposed lighting fixtures dominated home trend magazines in 2018. 2019 has given design-lovers plenty to ooh and ahh about, and with 5 more months in the year to go, who’s to say what trends will manifest in time.

Fendi Casa 2019

fendi casa; @fendi

Updating your luxury home to keep up with the times (and keep up with the Joneses) doesn’t have to be a constant battle of flipping through magazine pages to discover new inspiration. We’ve compiled a list of the latest design trends in luxury homes to keep you in the know with one swift read!

1. Natural elements

Despite living in the ultra-digital age, one of the most popular interior design trends of 2019 moves away from tech-obsession in favor of fresh, natural materials. Think of stone, copper, granite, and marble; these elements bring nature into your home without the need for plants or greenery.



2. Velvet furnishing

Velvet was once considered too old-fashioned and stuffy to take up space in luxury homes, but the time for velvet furniture has dawned. Today, velvet furniture is seen as opulent, rich, and artfully inspirational.

3. Soft feminine hues

2019 is all about the soft, light feminine tones such as blush pink, dusty peach, and bronze. These gorgeous tones offer more visual appeal and excitement than your average neutral tone.

4. Bold walls

Bold colors and eclectic wallpaper patterns are an adventurous way to spice up any room in your home. Whether you’re looking for a dramatic aesthetic, a serene aura, or a warm mood, use your walls to achieve the look and feel you’re longing for.

Tom Dixon Mirco WINGBACK and MELT copper lights in a small space under the stairs in our Hong Kong Shop

Tom Dixon Mirco WINGBACK and MELT copper lights; @tomdixonstudio

5. Copper accents

2018 was the year for rose gold—from luxury pillowcases to metal furniture finishes, every opulent home featured the color of the year in some way, shape, or form. But 2019 is all about the copper accents. Whether it’s photo frames or bar stools, incorporating copper tones should be at the top of your interior design to-do list.

6. Maximalist art

There are two types of interior designers: minimalists and maximalists. Minimalist has been all the rage for the past few years, but maximalist art is coming back in a big way. Characterized by rich color palettes, massive sizes, and dramatic textures, maximalist art is large-scale and totally next-level.



7. Canopy beds

Four-post canopy beds were incredibly popular during the 80s, but have become rare finds since then—until now. Boasting a slim silhouette and an aesthetically pleasing design, canopy beds look wonderful with or without curtain dressing.

8. Sustainable materials

Purposeful purchasing is the key ingredient toward creating a sustainable ethos in your luxury home. When you’ve got money to spend on beautiful, artful pieces, it pays to look into where your select pieces are coming from, what they stand for, and why you can be proud of them.

9. Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns add a certain pizzazz to a room that plain colors simply cannot. Geometric patterns are a dramatic touch to any bathroom, bedroom, living room, or kitchen. Be it tiling, carpet, or wallpaper, colorful geometric accents are standout touches that instantly spruce up a monotonous space.

CB2 furniture 2019

10. Concrete accents

After doing a house tour with YouTube Vogue, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West faced a barrage of criticism and curiosity. Their California mansion resembled a hollow cave of concrete accents. Though the lack of art makes us scratch our heads (considering Kanye’s eccentric taste), their home has inspired many other luxury interior designers to incorporate concrete in more unconventional ways.

11. Richer color palettes

Muted color palettes have long been associated with modern luxury homes, but 2019 marks the year where rich tones are favored. Deep blues, earthy greens, tonal reds, and burnt yellows are exquisite furniture, wall, and accent colors that pair beautifully with any minimalist or maximalist room-scape.


Whether you’re designing your first luxury home, or updating your current feng shui to match the modern times, these 11 trends are excellent starting points to get the ball rolling. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below!

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