Keeping your Home Fresh and Fragrant Naturally

Do you wish to have a fresh and sweet-smelling home? It’s simple; invite the nature in! Achieve a clean, chemical-free and scented space in no time. Our eco-friendly tips are sure to ignite your senses!

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Air Purifying and Scented Plants

Plants are not just for exhibition, they affect our surroundings significantly. Indoor plants improve air quality and create a great ambience inside home. As we all know, green plants take up all the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen, making the environment cool and breathable.

Go for low maintenance options like Snake Plant, Golden Pothos and Parlour Palm to cleanse the air. The Peace Lily is another attractive indoor plant that occasionally grows white flowers to add a bit of color contrast.

If you don’t have much space, you can skip the potted plants and use fresh, fragrant flowers instead. Decorate lavender sprigs in a vase, hang an assorted flower wreath or get roses delivered to perfume your house with a sweet scent.




Simmering Potpourri

A simmering potpourri is essentially made on a stovetop with all the fragrant ingredients simmering together to create a lovely sensation. The scent arouses a nostalgic feeling and reminds you of all the good, comforting times. Make a concoction of orange, cinnamon, cloves and cranberries to remind you of the cozy winter days or mix together rose petals, lemon and essential oils, so the spring vibes travel throughout your home.

The aroma of a stovetop potpourri spreads throughout your home like wildfire. It’s fresh and mood lifting. All you have to do is dump some aromatic ingredients in a crock pot and let the magic happen.

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Natural Carpet Powder

Most of the times, our carpet causes bad bacteria and nasty odors. Prevent your carpet from ruining your indoor atmosphere by using natural carpet powder. Just sprinkle some over the top, give it some time to settle and vacuum it. It will not only get clean, but will also leave a subtle scent in the carpet that will eventually spread throughout the entire room.

This powder is an amalgamation of borax, baking soda and essential oils (cinnamon powder is optional). You don’t have to worry about health hazards of borax because in small amounts it does no harm. Just like salt and sugar (even water), ingestion of high levels of borax is toxic.

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DIY Air Freshener

An air freshening spray works best to neutralize smells and provides you with a fresh, breathable air. While you can purchase a chemical air freshener at any store, isn’t it better to make a DIY natural spray for cheap? Make your very own air freshener with a simple blend of essential oils or a mixture of lemon/lime, baking soda and water. Just a few sprays will leave your house lemony fresh!

Cleaning Pods
Cleaning Pods for Garbage Disposal

Lastly, your garbage disposal maybe keeping your house clean, but it can be a reason where different food smells combine to produce a nasty stench. The horrible smells can put off your visitors, so you better make these cleaning pods today!

Just put some lemon slices with vinegar in an ice cube tray and let it freeze. Throw a few pods in your garbage disposal and run the water until it’s dissolved. Are you feeling the freshness in the air now?



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