Sweet Spring 2018 surprises from the world-famous Master Chocolatiers

Spring season is full of sweet surprises. Take a look at the perfect Easter gifts for a true chocolate lover:

Easter by Pierre Hermé - 2018

Easter by Pierre Hermé collection; photo: facebook.com/pierre.herme.paris/

Easter by Pierre Hermé

The Easter collection by Pierre Hermé is enriched with new fruity flavours. Strawberry and passion fruit come to bring a tangy touch to rabbits and hens inspired by the sculptor François Pompon.

The master chocolatier and World’s Best Pastry Chef also unveiled the new Ode to Art for Pierre Hermé. Under the apparent fragility of a cleverly fractionnée shell, the egg fragment is a œuvre work to complete aesthetics. Pure Black Chocolate from Belize, milk chocolate or blond chocolate, which will melt you down?

Did you taste Pierre Marcolini's hat

Pierre Marcolini’s hat 2018; photo: eu.marcolini.com

Pierre Marcolini Paques 2018: Did you taste Pierre Marcolini’s hat?

Pierre Marcolini, the ever creative chocolatier, is taking a surrealistic turn with the illusory delights of his trompe l’oeil Easter collection. Egg or bunny? The Egg Hat creation sums up every iota of Pierre Marcolini’s avantgrade approach. An eye-catching curiosity that consists of a Maison Dark chocolate egg topped with a big-eared white chocolate bowler hat.

Spring gourmet chocolates - medium

Richart Chocolates Easter and Spring collections; photos: richart-chocolates.com

Richart Chocolates Easter and Spring collections

Should you choose solid or filled Easter chocolates? Lollipops or fish-shaped solid chocolates the French traditionally make at Easter ? Mix and match and have them all, says Richart Chocolates. For Easter 2018, Maison RICHART continues its journey around the world and invites you this year to plunge into the Bermuda islands, with its dancing kites and multicolored fish…

For its new collection of Easter eggs, RICHART has revisited some cherished farm animals: the perky rabbit, the mischievous kitten, the mother hen and the gentle cow wait to be found by excited little chocolate lovers on the hunt.

New flowers, butterflies and ladybirds are celebrated with naive and colorful designs on this whole new spring gourmet chocolate collection.

puccini bomboni Honey chocolate

Puccini Bomboni Honey chocolate; photo: Puccini Bomboni

Special flavors from Puccini Bomboni. A sensational experience

Puccini Bomboni (Amsterdam, Netherlands) always is looking for special flavors. Herbs are maybe the lastingredients you would expect to combine with chocolate. For this spring, Puccini Bomboni combines thyme withextra pure chocolate and cream. The result is a ganache with an adventurous and intense taste. The chocolatiersproducing the best chocolates in the Netherlands is finishing it with pure chocolate.

Don’t hesitate to try the “Honey chocolate”. Honey is one of the oldest sweeteners in the world. “Although opinionsdiffer, honey is also considered healthy. We find it a very tasty ingredient and we like to mix it with chocolate milkand cream. We pour this in a chocolate cup and finish it with chocolate sprinkles. We would say this is a healthygealty pleasure,” says Puccini Bomboni.

Master Chocolat Bernard Callebaut chocolatier

Master Chocolat Bernard Callebaut; photo: masterchocolat.com

Young and old, everyone loves a chocolate bunny from renowned Master Chocolatier Bernard Callebaut

Bernards chickens were very busy laying chocolate eggs at the Master Chocolat facility. The eggs from this 2018 Easter collection are bright, colorful and filled with a surprise. The best part: No Colorants Were Used, only organic fruit, spices and plant material.

Ladurée Easter Chocolate

Ladurée Easter Chocolate Collection 2018; photo: facebook.com/MaisonLaduree; photo credits: Julian Schlosser;

Ladurée Paques 2018: Do you like our Easter bunnies familiy?

For those who love extraordinary centrepieces, Ladurée offers a unique creation with “Joe Milk” and his little ones set in an impressive and delectable chocolate décor. The French luxury bakery and sweets maker house created in 1862 also offers the “Nymphéa Framboise Verveine”, the pretty floral pastry created by Claire Heitzler.Nymphéa Framboise Verveine translates as a delicate shell in white chocolate cradles a delicious almonddacquoise, a scoop of verbena mousse, raspberry jam and fresh raspberries.

Fauchon and François Daubinet's rabbit

Fauchon presents François Daubinet’s rabbit; photo: facebook.com/fauchonparis.1886/

Fauchon and François Daubinet’s rabbit

For this Spring collection, Fauchon presents a giant piece of chocolate entirely handmade by pastry chef François Daubinet.

Charbonnel et Walker Easter Egg Fine Milk And Dark Chocolate Selection Box

Charbonnel et Walker Easter Egg Fine Milk And Dark Chocolate Selection Box; photo: Charbonnel et Walker

Charbonnel et Walker Easter Egg Fine Milk And Dark Chocolate Selection Box

Encased in decorative seasonal packaging complete with charming birds and rabbits, the box is filled with an assortment of flavoured milk and dark chocolates sure to suit any taste.

Harrods Handmade Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

Harrods Handmade Dark Chocolate Easter Egg; photo: harrods

Harrods Handmade Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

This blissfully decadent egg is handmade with crunchy hazelnut pieces and ten hazelnut praline truffles. A truly indulgent gift, it comes presented in a box with a bow for a luxurious finish.

Churchill's Confectionery Daffodils Biscuit Tin

Churchill’s Confectionery Daffodils Biscuit Tin; photo: Churchill’s Confectionary

Churchill’s Confectionery Daffodils Biscuit Tin

An immediate delight for all of the senses, the daffodil-embossed tin available at Harrods will still be treasured for years to come.

Godiva 2018 Pixie Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

Godiva 2018 Pixie Milk Chocolate Easter Egg; photo: godiva

Godiva 2018 Pixie Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

Created by master chocolatiers to ensure a perfectly smooth and creamy milk chocolate texture, this springtime treat is presented in a beautiful box with six foil-wrapped mini eggs in colourful foils.