This massive SUV draws inspiration from stealth jets

The stealth fighter of SUVs costs from $2 million to nearly $4 million, depending options

Designed in China, but built in Europe, this ultra-exclusive SUV started his automotive journey as a Ford Super Duty‘s F550 and ended up being a 4.5-tonne beast with the look of a Batmobile.

Karlmann King SUV rear

Karlmann King SUV; photos:


Intended to bring an unprecedented visual feast and driving experiences to the global car enthusiasts, Karlmann King is a high-end custom made SUV and a ground stealth fighter created by a top automobile design team, say the builders of this bulletproof £1.6 million mega-SUV wrapped in carbon fiber and steel.

The most expensive SUV reaches a maximum speed of only 140 km/h with a operating temperature of -40°C to 90°C.

According to, “the extensive transformation includes tuning the Ford’s 6.8-litre V10 to 396 , and mating it to a six-speed auto ‘box with all-wheel drive and air suspension.”

Karlmann King’s app control system includes: light control, front and rear independent air conditioner, coffee machine, seat adjustment, indoor neon light, TV lighting, SOS Emergency, electric table, air purifier and refrigerator control.

Karlmann King SUV team

Karlmann King; photo: Karlmann King

The entertainment system of the passenger cabin is a dream come true achieved with Hi-Fi Sound, 4K UHD Handrail Screen Display, private safes, PS4 Entertainment System, Phone Projection, Satellite TV and Satellite Phone.

Karlmann King SUV - photos in the desert

Karlmann King; photo: Karlmann King