LVMH Luxury Ventures invests in leading producer of lab-grown diamonds


World’s First 100% Solar-Powered LGD Producer Completes $90 Million Investment Round from LVMH Luxury Ventures and Other Key Investors.

LUSIX, a leading producer of lab-grown diamonds (LGD), announced that high-profile investors, including LVMH Luxury Ventures, Ragnar Crossover Fund and More Investments, have completed an investment round of $90 million. The Company will use this investment to fuel its growth initiatives, notably the expansion of its production capacity in Israel with a second 100% solar-powered state-of-the-art facility, which will commence production this summer. The new facility will enable LUSIX to better serve the increasing demand for LGD, from its clients worldwide and from the overall industry.

LUSIX is a technology-driven, prime grower of lab grown diamonds (LGDs).

Marketing its diamonds under the Sun Grown DiamondsTM mark, LUSIX is the world’s first 100% solar-powered LGD producer. The Company is unique in its ability to grow custom shaped rough diamonds, including LUSIX Pyramid DiamondsT, as well as custom-colored rough diamonds. These diamonds are grown in Israel in the world’s most scientifically advanced manufacturing facility. The Company is vertically integrated, from the design and manufacture of its own custom-made reactors to large scale production of premium quality diamonds, chosen by leading Luxury brands worldwide.


LUSIX was founded by visionary entrepreneur and prolific inventor Benny Landa, within Landa Labs, the science innovation and incubation platform of the Landa Group. LUSIX was spun-off in 2016 as a separate disruptive business relying on robust R&D foundations and experienced teams of experts, around co-founder and current CTO Dr. Yossi Yayon.

Over the years, LUSIX has become a reference among LGD producers, thanks to its quest for perfection and quality, which has laid the foundations of proprietary science-backed know-how and achieved a perfect mastery of the diamond growing process. In addition to its superior growing practices, LUSIX’s externally audited 100% solar-powered diamond growing facilities solidify the company’s scientifically advanced leadership in the sustainability realm.

LUSIX constantly pushes the limits towards more innovation, promoting the LGD category’s wide potential and preparing the ground for future applications.

LUSIX Founder and Chairman, Benny Landa, said: “We are thrilled and proud to welcome such high-profile investors, most notably LVMH Luxury Ventures, bringing their financial support and valuable industry insights. Their help will contribute greatly to our company’s success while the implications of this investment, both for LUSIX and for the lab-grown diamond segment, are profound – and so exciting!”