This lab-grown diamond growth process opens the doors to other applications


This lab-grown diamond growth process opens the doors to other applications for high quality diamond materials.

The repeatable and robust OneStep CVD diamond growth technology results in highly uniform crystal of exceptionally high quality and has been validated by demanding customers worldwide.

Lab-grown diamonds represent a rapidly growing segment of the $80+ billion global diamond gemstone jewelry market. According to diamond industry analyst Paul Zimnisky, the lab-grown diamond jewelry market is projected to grow by approximately 400% from 2019 through 2035. The increasing adoption of lab-grown diamonds is due in large part to their lower costs and to younger consumers placing a high value on sustainability and traceability in the products they purchase.

Sustainability and traceability will be key elements of Diamond Works Technology’s operations. Diamond Works
Technology intends to be 100% powered by renewable energy and certified as carbon neutral by global third-party auditors.

The company is addressing the rapidly growing demand for large, high quality lab-grown diamonds by establishing a high-volume production facility in the U.S. The Company has exclusive rights to acquire advanced, commercially proven chemical vapor deposition (CVD) equipment process technology and related IP from its partner, Sonani Jewels Pvt. Ltd.

Lab-grown diamond production bottlenecks and technology hurdles resemble the early solar industry.

Diamond Works Technology’s leadership has decades of proven success in commercializing crystal growth technologies, scaling factories to volume production and building global supply chains for advanced materials.

By enabling repeatable and scalable production of lab-grown diamond gemstones, the OneStep growth process could lay the foundation for Diamond Works Technology to address a broad spectrum of other potential applications for high quality diamond materials, including diamond electronics, energy storage and water purification.