The hunt for the best chocolate eggs begins

A 70% Dark Ecuador, Santo Domingo Chocolate Egg crafted from bean-to-bar at our Sheffield Factory. You have 4 delicious caramel options to choose from: Salted Caramel, Orange Caramel, Praline Caramel, Caravan Coffee Caramel ; @bullionchocolate

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The hunt for Easter eggs will take us across two weeks. Because it is such a serious business. This week I’m covering those that may need to be ordered online and thus allow for a bit more notice.

Misco’s has quite the most beautiful eggs: various offerings start at £9. They are all hand-painted (done by one of two people, so very artisan), stuffed with buttons and available in four permutations of chocolate: white, milk, dark or caramelised white. The caramelised white and milk were big hits with my child-testers. If you want something small scale and different, look at these.

Chocolarder has probably the most eco-friendly of them all, with plastic-free packaging. But what is worthiness without deliciousness? Nothing. I loved the Wild Gorse Flower 50% milk, £22, which features hand-picked gorse flowers from Cornwall. The shell was thin and snappy, and the chocolate a glorious balance of honeyed creaminess (the flowers taste different at various times of year because no actual honey is involved). There’s also a 60% oat milk and 70% version.

But my big love was Bullion’s Build Your Own Easter Eggs, £5.50. Go online, select from four choices (orange, salted or coffee caramel, or praline) so you can – like I did – have half coffee caramel and half praline caramel. All in amazing 70% chocolate. These aren’t big – they sit in the palm of your hand. But they are glorious, absolutely nothing – zilch – like a Creme Egg, but somehow gave me the same joy my first Creme Egg did, but never did again. Each half takes two bites to finish. But what a two bites. © Guardian News & Media Limited 2010

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