Evolution E-Type Roadster has all the sixties style, but with twenty-first century handling and comfort



Evolution’s E-Type Roadster unveiled at 2019 London Classic Car Show (at London ExCel from 14-17 February) is a luxury car that you can drive everyday with the confidence, whilst still retaining all of the character and aesthetics the E-Type has become synonymous for.

Evolution E-typers models-

Evolution E-type cars; @ New World Designs

Not content with the current standards available for the Jaguar E-Type, the Evolution team led by Uryk Dmyterko are dedicated to producing the best components with as much in-house work carried out as possible. This desire to build the best E-Type began 25 years ago with Managing Director Uryk Dmyterko driving the project forward.

” We have engineered a road car that is a pleasure to drive swiftly along a British B-road as it is cruising the Autobahns. All Evolution vehicles are designed for maximum refinement and exceptional NVH levels even for a sports car,” said Evolution founder Uryk Dmyterko.

“This is a Jaguar E-Type like no other, we don’t cut corners on our builds, we don’t count the hours, if something isn’t absolutely perfect, we reject it and start again,” said Dmyterko.

Initially contracted to restore a Series 1 E-Type Roadster to concourse standard, Uryk found it increasingly difficult to source the parts he needed and aftermarket products were of inferior quality. He would often resort to making panels himself and eventually tooled up for the whole front sub frame assembly.

Evolution E-types Roadster 2019-

Evolution E-type Roadster 2019 at London Classic Car Show; @evolutionetypes.com; instagram.com/evolution_etypes/

The Low Drag Roadster is Evolution’s flagship model

After years of ongoing development with the E-Type, the team can finally offer a vehicle far superior to the original car in terms of driving dynamics and technology. Externally the rear arches have been increased for more definition whilst removing all bumpers and seams for a smooth finish hiding none of the cars beautiful contours, whilst the front windscreen incorporates the design of the original low drag.

Inside the all-aluminium monocoque the floor has been lowered and lengthened to accommodate a more comfortable driving position. Located within the engine bay is the new cast aluminium block combined with a bespoke 4 valve head, 5 litre capacity for an estimated 350bhp and impressive 500Nm torque suited to the low revving nature of the XK, driven through the aluminium 5 speed manual. Combined with the low weight of the car the engine’s character can provide instant power when needed but remains smooth and civilised for low speed manoeuvres.

Evolution E-types Roadster 2019

Evolution E-type Roadster 2019 at London Classic Car Show; @evolutionetypes.com; instagram.com/evolution_etypes/

Evolution E-typers models

Evolution E-type cars; @ New World Designs

Evolution E-types Roadster 2019- 01

Evolution E-type Roadster 2019 at London Classic Car Show; @evolutionetypes.com; instagram.com/evolution_etypes/