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An olfactive interpretation of Citizen Kane and the dramatic web of human emotions within the film.

“When you wear this fragrance, it is like having a cloud preceding and announcing you and following you. It lasts. It’s like wearing a cloud of mystery, but throughout that mystery, there is the beautiful radiance of the rose.” – Bruno Jovanovic.

@Amouage Rose Incense

Amouage is bringing another passion-fueled creation to perfume devotees worldwide: Amouage Rose Incense

Inspired by the dramatic storytelling of Citizen Kane’s unsolved ‘Rosebud’ mystery, French perfumer Bruno Jovanovic skillfully combined soft rose and powerful incense to echo life’s most vivid and celebrated experiences shaped by moments of tribulation and strength.

Rose Incense is distinctively floral and unmistakably woody with unique and contemporary elements. With Rose at its heart along with Myrrh and Frankincense at its base, the fragrance evokes a complicated tale of epic proportion. The fresh, clean and citrusy undertones of its top note Elemi, bring the fragrance together with serenity.

“A love story between incense and rose, it is a rich sillage that imprints the skin, perfect for those looking to complement their fragrance wardrobe with something extraordinary,” commented Renaud Salmon, Amouage’s Chief Experience Officer.

A fragrance that emerges from the uncertainty of life, Rose Incense is for those who never give up, who rose from the pits of despair to new staggering heights with nothing but their ambition and determination. It is for the mavericks who have dared to do things differently and have fearlessly risked everything to achieve success.

“The inspiration came from the duality between power and innocence that is found in the movie Citizen Kane. I went looking for the most luminous and the most innocent rose I could find. In order to contrast the rose, I used the power and the uplifting properties of incense. What I had in mind were all these contrasts between red and black, innocence and power, clarity and smoke, radiance and darkness, rose and incense,” said Bruno Jovanovic.

@Amouage Rose Incense