Raise a glass: Tom Dixon Puck – an investigation into the perfect proportion for the contemporary cocktail




Puck is born from the desire to create a more minimal, heavy-weight presence in the mixology glassware segment.

Tom Dixon Puck Drinkware; @tomdixon.net/

Tom Dixon’s new Puck is anchored with a satisfyingly thick base that’s reminiscent of game pucks.

Designer Tom Dixon specialises in sculptural furniture, lighting and home accessories that are akin to pieces of art. He’s also a dab hand when it comes to home fragrance, having expanded his range into the realms of candles, diffusers and handwash, too.

Using the basic forms of geometry, such as cylinders, cones and spheres, Puck is a collection that’s resilient enough to survive in a professional cocktail environment. Anchored with a satisfyingly thick base that’s reminiscent of game pucks.

For the glassware collection, Puck, Tom sat down with the Coal Office restaurant team for a long and intense investigation into the perfect shape and proportion for the contemporary cocktail. The process involved stripping away as much nonessential detail to create something that’s more minimal, heavy-weight and authoritative in mixology glassware.

Puck is made in Poland using mouth-blown glass that has a hint of smoke colour creating a pared-back design which allows the glasses to live in multiple environments.


Tom Dixon’s new and exclusive Puck range has landed at Selfridges London.

“Even the most well-stocked at-home bar isn’t ready for opening time (or 5 o’clock) without a set of glasses to fill with everything from freshly shaken martinis to fruity piña coladas. Primed for both, the Puck Balloon glasses by Tom Dixon are hand-blown and shaped to sit on a heavy-weight circular base inspired by games pucks (now the name makes sense). The added bonus? The detail also helps to avoid spills when it’s time for a refill,” says Selfridges.

Tom Dixon Puck Drinkware; @tomdixon.net/

Tom Dixon Puck Drinkware; @tomdixon.net/

Tom Dixon Puck Drinkware; @tomdixon.net/