Barocko by Bulgari: breathtaking Baroque-inspired High Jewelry designs


Bulgari Barocko Collection – Cabochon Exuberance necklace; Photographers: Thomas Lohr

Barocko Collection basks in the beauty of Baroque and the heritage of Rome.

Bulgari Barocko Collection delves into the powerful heritage of both Roman and Baroque tradition, bringing its legacy to life in breathtaking High Jewelry designs. Their rich influences are reflected in the intricate settings and remarkable stones of each creation, with their diversity speaking to everything from Caravaggio’s dramatic scenes to the Eternal City’s timeless architecture.

Extravagant glamor and aesthetic pleasure above all.

With over four decades at the helm of Bvlgari High Jewelry, Lucia Silvestri shares the secrets of her most recent triumph, the Barocko Collection. The collection breathes new life into the aesthetic and monuments of Baroque Roman heritage, and of course delve into the precious gems and diamonds showcased within the unique craft of each piece.

Bulgari Barocko Collection – Bulgari Wing of Rome necklace Photography by @thomaslohrstudio

The ethereal shapes and lines of the Barocko Collection play with the art of light to spectacular effect.

Rome’s Sant’Angelo Bridge is one of the highest expressions of Baroque architecture. With its ten magnificent angel statues, the iconic landmark inspired the Wings of Rome necklace, a diamond masterpiece of overwhelming beauty. Rich in movement, lightness and compelling vitality, the jewel is an imaginary walk through the marvels of the Eternal City. As the diamond-lined feathers of the Wing of Rome necklace fan out across the skin, light and movement allow its angelic wings to truly take flight.

A triumph of quintessential joie de vivre and creative bravery, the Cabochon Exuberance necklace is inspired by Rome’s Horti Farnesiani. The outstanding necklace combines different shapes and colors in a daring one-of-a-kind piece.

Capturing the softness and voluptuousness that Baroque artists instilled in their sculptures, the Ruby Drapery ring plays with white gold, diamonds and a sensational ruby to draw curved, sinuous lines inspired by marble drapery.

The Lady Arabesque necklace captures the creative freedom of the Baroque through Bvlgari’s striking gemstone combinations and an unbelievably rich design.

Baroque art and architecture meet Bvlgari’s rock attitude in the Barocko Collection, all within the entrancing world of artist Ignasi Monreal. Through his work across media and disciplines, Ignasi delves into new dimensions. By fusing classical beauty with modern mediums, he has transported the Bvlgari High Jewelry experience to a higher plane.

The Lady Arabesque necklace – Barocko by @Bulgari: breathtaking Baroque-inspired High Jewelry designs; Photographers: Thomas Lohr

@Bulgari Barocko Collection – Cabochon Exuberance necklace;