Cartier Carat, a fragrance that shimmers with all the fire of a diamond, in the Boutique Éphémère Cartier Parfums


“Perfume is not a gender. It is the freedom of self.” – perfumer Mathilde Laurent

Cartier, the French luxury goods conglomerate company which designs, manufactures, distributes, and sells jewellery,watches and perfumes, unveiled at Cartier pop-up store/ Boutique Éphémère Cartier Parfums. The new pop-up was conceived as a place to discover Cartier Carat and other Cartier Parfums through all five senses.

Cartier Carat Eau de Parfum

Cartier Carat Eau de Parfum; photos:


Cartier Carat fragrance is a floral rainbow with an olfactory spectrum that infinitely diffuses. Violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red are represented here by violet, iris, hyacinth, ylang, daffodil, honeysuckle and tulip. Floral tones create a rainbow of colours in a layering of olfactory hues.

The ephemeral place at 121 rue Vieille du Temple, in the heart of the Marais district in Paris, France, is open from October 12 to November 4, 2018. On the occasion, Cartier unveiled “Mille Facettes” – an immersive installation inspired by the way light diffracts inside a diamond. The perfume is experimented differently and rediscovered with all the five senses.

There are a multitude of surprises like the juice bar, scented attentions offered to each visitor, perfume bottle customization, portraits in the colors of the “rainbow” … and many more, according to Cartier.

Cartier Carat Bottle

Cartier Carat Eau de Parfum Bottle; photos:


An Art Deco faceted bottle updated by Cartier with modern, clean-cut square edges.

Capturing the light, the diamond bottle of the perfume inspired by Art Deco diffracts the colors of a prism and mirrors their reflections in its glass square-cut facets.

An invisible jewel that radiates in a myriad of facets just like the diamond.

“I wanted to create a fragrance that shimmers with all the fire of a diamond. It occurred to me to apply the principle of diffraction to the fragrance: dispersed light appears as flashes of rainbow colors in a diamond. And so, I chose seven beautiful fresh flowers that come together to form a new flower, abstract but alive, like the light of the diamond,” explained Mathilde Laurent, Cartier Perfumer.

“There is something a little godlike about giving scent to the odorless. Think of the sun — it doesn’t have a smell, not one that we have access to, and yet we know it. “You could scent the warmth, or the smell of your skin in the sun,” Laurent told in an interview. “To me it could be the smell of your skin secreting almonds.” I ask her what other scentless entity she would like to give a fragrance. “I was asked once what would be the smell of peace,” she says. “I think about it since. Peace is the most important thing to look for. I don’t have an answer yet.”

Cartier Carat Reflections

Cartier Carat Reflections – Cartier Carat Eau de Parfum; photos: