How The Biggest Luxury Group Wants To Enhance Luxury Customer Experience with Technology

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LVMH Japan and SoftBank Corp. Agree on Strategic Partnership to embrace digital technology and new services and features that keep customers at the center.

LVMH Moët Hennessy LVMH Japan and SoftBank signed a strategic partnership this week to enhance customer experience and services for luxury brands by leveraging technology. This partnership combines the expertise of both companies to develop and accelerate new customer experiences in luxury stores and online, using a range of SoftBank solutions and know-how.

LVMH Japan adapts its services to an evolving environment which includes the expansion of online sales, remote clienteling and support for a diversity of interests among new and younger customer segments. Combining LVMH’s renowned tradition, creativity and quality with SoftBank’s leading-edge technology and proficiency in digitalization, LVMH Japan and SoftBank will take on the challenge of creating innovative customer experiences and accelerating digital transformation. Both will also respond to further changes in the business environment in the future.
This partnership will enable acceleration on the following key innovations and technologies for LVMH Japan:

  • VR / 5G technologies will enable new experiences and brand stories for customers: Utilizing the power of 5G, customers in stores will enjoy real-time communication with artisans in virtual reality spaces and experience the manufacturing process of products and immersion in the Maison’s history and values. LVMH Japan and SoftBank will proceed with consideration for this project concretely to create an innovative customer experience.
  • LINE-based communication with customers:

LVMH Japan has intensified the digitalization of customer communication by creating official accounts for some brands on the LINE messaging application operated by one of SoftBank’s group companies, LINE Corporation. From now on, LVMH’s Maisons will go even further and develop new operational marketing initiatives and data use cases with the support of Official Line Account features.

  • Cashless payments: In 2018, LVMH Japan implemented a payment service application provided by SB Payment Service Corp., a SoftBank group company. This application facilitated China-based QR code payment services and tablet-based payments anywhere within stores, which contributed to luxurious purchase experiences and increased sales. Going forward, LVHM Japan will consider implementing “PayPay” and other QR Code payment services to provide even more cashless options, thereby facilitating smoother customer service for even more clients.

Toni Belloni, Group Managing Director, LVMH stated as follows:
“By combining our best-in-class approaches in our respective industries, it will take us forward. The new opportunities offered to our customers are exactly what our talented teams are working for at LVMH: a unique and unforgettable experience”

Yasuyuki Imai, a Representative Director & COO of SoftBank Corp. stated as follows:
“We are proud to have this strategic partnership with LVMH Japan. Under our ‘Beyond Carrier’ strategy, SoftBank drives DX in various industry sectors, leveraging advanced technologies underpinned by our communications business foundation. With this strategic partnership, we will work closely with LVMH Japan, which runs a number of world-famous luxury brand businesses, to implement a range of measures that enhance customer experiences through technology. As a result, we are anticipating an acceleration of digital transformation in the fashion sector and beyond.”

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