Check Out Maison Margiela’s Take On The Reebok Sneaker


Maison Margiela is one of the most well-known high-fashion Parisian fashion houses. The brand is revered for its innovative and deconstructive designs with unusual materials and is hugely popular among unconventional fashionistas.

Maison Margiela collaborated with Boston-based fitness footwear and clothing manufacturing powerhouse, Reebok, in 2020 – fusing the unique style of both brands to create the classic leather Tabi. Now, these brands are back again with another delightful collaboration of sports and fashion that is sure to impress fans who love the unorthodox. In this article, you can learn about Maison Margiela’s take on the Reebok sneaker so far and the inspirations behind them.

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Maison Margiela And Reebok (2020)

The Parisian fashion house collaborated with Reebok in 2020 to launch a collection of high-heeled trainers with a split-toe design made for the age of “cyber-industrial revolution.” You will most likely recall the classic Tabi – iconic Maison Margiela shoes that first came onto the scene in 1988. The Tabi has appeared on Maison Margiela’s runway as a boot, pump, mule, ballet flat, and a sole tape to models’ feet.

However, the new type of Tabi that debuted during Maison Margiela’s Spring-Summer 2020 Artisanal Co-ed show in Paris was even more stunning. It was an amazing cross between the classic Tabi split-toe shoe inspired by the traditional Japanese split-toe sock and Reebok’s popular Instapump Fury trainer from 1994. The outcome saw a sneaker that retained the Instapump Fury’s ultra-modern aesthetic with great geometric layering but welcomed an extra split-toe and the intermittent block high heel. The base of the shoe features the Tabi’s split-toe upper, while the rest of the design is shaped by Reebok’s pump mechanism inflation technology. This technology, developed by Reebok in 1989, involves two small nodules at the top of the shoe. One of these nodules fills the top later wrapped around the shoe’s body with air, while the other is used to suck the air out of it.

Furthermore, the shoe’s outer and midsole are made from expansive foam and rubber, much like the original Instapump Fury trainer. Also, the shoe contains a sheet of shock-absorbing material for flexibility and stability. The heeled versions have built-in graphite carbon-fiber rods connecting the soles to the heels. The Instapump Fury and Tabi collaboration was launched in six different colors, including all-white, all-black, and various ranges of blue and red, yellow, and black and red or white.

The 2020 Maison Margiela and Reebok collaboration was a milestone for several reasons. For starters, the bizarre style marked the ever-creative John Galliano‘s first collaboration since becoming Maison Margiela’s creative director in 2014. Additionally, the enigmatic and award-winning fashion designer collaborated with a mainstream brand for the first time. Also, the unusual sneaker was shown as part of Maison Margiela’s Artisanal couture collection, elevating it to a status reserved for his nomadic cut dresses.

@Maison Margiela Classic Leather Tabi High

Maison Margiela And Reebok (2021)

Maison Margiela continued its collaboration with Reebok by introducing some deconstructionist flair to Reebok’s Classic leather, resulting in the Classic Leather Tabi High. Gladiator sandals inspire this shoe, but the Parisian fashion house has made the classic trainer more unconventional under its decortiqué character. It has cut-out panels that expose its plush lining when you are not wearing it, but it becomes a proper sandal once your foot is inside. As usual, it retains a lot of the standard Reebok detailing, but the toebox has a Tabi shape. If you look closely, you can see Margiela’s signature white stitches near the back of the heel, as well as the trademark numbers on top of the tongue tag. The Classic Leather Tabi High comes in black, red, or tonal white.

@Maison Margiela Classic Leather Tabi Décortiqué Low

Maison Margiela And Reebok (2022)

Maison Margiela and Reebok’s latest collaboration is the Classic Leather Tabi Décortiqué Low, which is basically the low-top variant of the Classic Leather Tabi High trainer launched last year. The American sportswear giant and French fashion house have joined forces once more to fuse Reebok’s Classic Leather runner with décortiqué. The décortiqué technique cuts away the trainer’s leather panels, revealing its fabric lining and cage-like form. You can get this low-top trainer in white, red leather, tonal black, and Maison Margiela’s trademark ‘bianchetto’ technique.

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