Excess couture fabrics transformed into luxury watch straps

Zenith partners with Nona Source to transform excess couture fabrics into watch straps.


LVMH-owned Zenith Watches firmly believes that progress and innovation must be synonymous with sustainability and responsibility. Acting on this ethos, the watch manufacture has unveiled an exciting new upcycling initiative with Nona Source that transforms excess fabrics from LVMH Fashion & Leather Goods Maisons into watch straps.

This collaboration with Nona Source is part of Zenith’s ongoing efforts to reduce its environmental impact without compromising the quality and desirability of the Maison’s timepieces.

Nona Source, a startup incubated by LVMH’s intrapreneurial program DARE (Disrupt, Act & Risk to be an Entrepreneur), is the first online resale platform to revalue deadstock fabrics from exclusive luxury fashion Maisons. It gives these materials a second life by making it easy for designers to shop and reuse existing resources.

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Nona Source is a committed start-up serving the creative community, and dedicated to a new form of fashion.

The company was born out of happy encounters. It all started when Romain, an expert in material purchasing and manufacturing at Givenchy and Kenzo, first discovered the “sleeping beauties”, those high-quality fabrics stored in Couture Houses’ warehouses. He immediately saw the opportunity of giving them a new lease of life by boosting their creative potential through a resale platform. Thanks to DARE, LVMH’s intrapreneurial program, an incubator for new projects to transform ideas into concrete solutions, a second key encounter took place in 2019: Romain met Marie, an expert in materials and environmental coordinator at Kenzo, and Anne, digital transformation manager at LVMH.
Their shared passion and commitment to a new fashion model brought them together to bring the project to life. Since 2020 and with the support of LVMH’s Environmental Development Direction, the team has worked full-time to develop this solution.

Straps for Zenith’s DEFY Midnight collection – designed exclusively for women and featuring an ingenious quick-strap-change system mechanism on the case back – are now crafted with the finest fabrics available from Nona Source, giving a high-fashion edge to the emblematic watches.

Seven intricately handmade straps are available in different colored and textured fabrics with rubber backing: vanilla-white moleskin woven cotton, blue silk and wool Mikado, sage-green washed crepe, sandy-beige poly-viscose canvas, pink denim, vibrant yellow tricotine, and cream curly mohair.

This partnership ushers in a compelling new chapter for the Zenith luxury watchmaking Maison, underscoring its dual commitment to creativity and environmental responsibility.