Bar Culture: Rosenthal meets Versace’s legendary Medusa and Sambonet’s shapes


Versace Bar 2021 barware collection; @Rosenthal

Rosenthal meets Versace 2021″ is raising bar culture to a new level.

The Versace Barware Collection made from silver and high-quality stainless steel is elaborately silver-plated by hand and includes wine, champagne and ice coolers, cocktail shakers and strainers as well as bottle coasters, trays and dishes.

A further highlight is Versace’s legendary Medusa, which adorns every item and is gilded by hand. The new bar Collection from Rosenthal meets Versace is the perfect mix of seduction and functionality – for homes, bars, restaurants and exclusive clubs.

The latest fine porcelain collection from Rosenthal x Versace fuses the iconic Jungle print with Animalier patterns and heritage Medusa accents. The Jungle Animalier line refreshes tableware in a vivid color palette. Crafted in exceptional quality porcelain, the collection encompasses a range of plates, coffee and tea sets, an array of vases and decorative home accents.

“Rosenthal meets Versace” – Versace Bar 2021 barware collection; @Rosenthal

Versace Jungle Animalier line; @Versace x @Rosenthal

Rosenthal x Sambonet Bar Collection 2021; @Sambonet x @Rosenthal

Sambonet Bar Collection 2021 continues its pursuit of shapes and colours that complement lifestyles, living and home decor.

The desire to appeal to quality food and wine enthusiasts lies behind the new bar Selection collection, presented in the exclusive colours of PVD Cognac and Parfait Amour. A practical wine bucket, a charming wine cooler, an insulated ice bucket, accompanied by spoon and tongs to serve guests. Three types of shaker complete the bar set: the traditional shaker or cobbler, the French or parisienne version and lastly, the Boston shaker, which stands out because of its glass tumbler at the top. Their smooth, streamlined shape assures the perfect mixing of ice when making cocktails.

Developed by Centro Stile Sambonet, the Cognac and Parfait Amour hues are inspired by the shades of their namesake liqueurs, underscoring the refinement of stainless steel and making the most of Sambonet’s technological expertise, adding unique notions to the reflecting stainless steel surfaces of each item in the line.

Rosenthal x Sambonet Bar Collection 2021; @Sambonet x @Rosenthal

“Rosenthal meets Versace” – Versace Bar 2021 barware collection; @Rosenthal