Luxurious Bars to Visit in New York City


The 74Wythe; photo

New York’s luxurious bar scene has something for everyone. Just walk several blocks and you’ll find all kinds of options. High-class champagne bars, internet café karaoke bars, mile-high cocktail lounges, rooftop bars, neighbourhood pop- up burlesque bars, you name it! And now comes the best part.

These bars appeal to people with literal expensive tastes, all the while guaranteeing a memorable time. Talk about sleek establishments! Whether you’re clubbing alone, exploring with friends, or enjoying a romantic night with your partner, here are some of the best places to live up New York’s nightlife:

5 Posh Bars in New York

The King Cole Bar; photo @St. Regis New York

1. The King Cole Bar

Located within the St. Regis Hotel, the King Cole Bar is quite famous for being Bloody Mary’s original home. Yes, this popular drink got introduced here in 1938, christened the ‘Red Snapper.’ Not only that. The King Cole Bar is synonymous with the likes of Salvador Dali, John Lennon, Marylyn Monroe, just to name a few patrons.

If anything, the clientele of King Cole Bar includes sophisticated celebrities and business people who don’t mind coughing up $28 for each glass of wine or $26 for each glass of cocktail. There’s even an ultra-exclusive table that you can only book 48 in advance for a $2500 reservation fee.

And in the lounge area, a large 1906 mural by artist Maxfield Parish stretches behind the bar. If you’re looking for an iconic bar with elegant ambiance, the King Cole Bar is the place to be.

The 74Wythe; photos

2. The 74Wythe

The 74Wythe is the best destination for couples looking to spend their special occasions in a chic and enchanting spot with an unmistakable modern feel.

A multifunctional hospitality venue, the 74Wythe features 4 different mesmerizing sections, a full-service bar, lounge vignettes, etc. But the most attractive spaces within the 74Wythe are the JBird Cocktail lounge and the rooftop bar area. With A/V capabilities, the all-season rooftop provides sweeping views of Manhattan’s skyline, a sight well worth seeing as you sip on cocktails.

The JBird Cocktail lounge is a similarly stunning space with a dazzling beverage selection. You’ll find this secret speakeasy area hidden inconspicuously behind a closet door.

The 74Wythe sits atop a historic building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY.

photo @The Dear Irving Bar

3. The Dear Irving Bar

Located in Gramercy, Murray Hill, Dear Irving bar features rooms inspired by Marie Antionette, JFK, Abraham Lincoln, and the Great Gatsby. Though the larger property takes inspiration from the movie Midnight in Paris. In other words, Dear Irving is whimsical, ornate, and unforgettable.

Prepare to feel like you’re time travelling when you visit this bar. What’s more, you must make a reservation in advance to enjoy the extensive list of expensive cocktails. Drinks here start at $15 a glass and come with hand-carved ice cubes. If you relish good music, cushy club chairs, excellent cocktails, and savoury food in speakeasy-ish type settings, this is the place to be.

Top of the Standard bar New York; photo @Standard Hotels

4. Top of the Standard

Just like the name suggests, Top of the Standard is a top-tier bar located in Meatpacking district. The décor and atmosphere here are unbeatable. It offers stunning views of the NYC and NJ skyline and its entire color scheme is gold. The ceiling is gold, the bar is gold, and the doors are gold. How about tables and chairs? You guessed it. Gold. The Top of the Standard also has fanciest booths. They make you feel like you’re lounging in a yacht you can never afford.

And mind you, this spot turns into a members-only bar at 10 p.m. Expect to encounter a nice-looking doorman with an
extremely strict entry list in case you come late.

Drinks at the Top of the Standard start at $12.

Bemelmans Bar; photo @The Carlyle – A Rosewood Hotel

5. Bemelmans Bar

This is arguably New York’s most revered bar for its witty murals and old-fashioned charm. Located in the city’s Upper East Side, the Bemelmans Bar is synonymous with Madeline, a beloved children’s book series, as well as timeless New York glamour. In fact, the name ‘Bemelmans’ came from the writer of the books, Ludwig Bemelmans.

The Bemelmans bar features chocolate-brown leather banquettes, a black granite bar, nickel-trimmed black glass countertops, and 24-carat gold leaf-covered ceilings. On top of that, they have an extensive drink menu as well as nightly live entertainment. No wonder it has been attracting moguls, politicians, and socialites for years.

In terms of precise location, you’ll find Bemelmans’ bar on Carlyle’s ground level. This is the same hotel where designers and celebrities get ready for the Met Gala. It’s at the corner of Madison Avenue and 76th Street.

In Summary

Without a doubt, elite visitors of the ‘Big Apple’ have countless options when it comes to high-end bars/ restaurants. The bars aforementioned are a mere tip of the iceberg, though they are what you would call ‘the crème de la crème.’ Visit one or two of these bars while you’re in New York. You’ll be gladsome!

photo @The Carlyle A Rosewood Hotel