Illustrators, painters and digital artists celebrate G-Timeless watch


Colorful and imaginative artworks by a variety of illustrators, painters and digital artists found by Gucci on Instagram, celebrate the Gucci G-Timeless watch designed by Alessandro Michele.

Gucci G-Timeless watch; @Gucci x @Andrey Kasay

Artists from around the world (including Andrey Kasay) bring their personal and idiosyncratic perspectives to interpret the Gucci G-Timeless automatic watch, focusing on the motif of the bee – the key decorative feature on the stone dials of these Gucci Timepieces, where it functions as every hour-marking index.

The Gucci G-Timeless watch features a stone dial decorated with the luxury house’s bees, while the transparent case back gives a glimpse of the automatic movement that powers the timepieces.

The G-Timeless watch is defined by indexes that take the form of bees, an archival code first introduced in Gucci ready-to-wear in the 1970s. For the new collaborative project to celebrate Gucci Timepieces, painter Oh de Laval used acrylic paint on a cotton canvas and said: “Both paintings are inspired by our perceptions of time. I feel the paintings evoke a feeling of running out of time for viewers, now more than ever there is a universal sense rush in our lives.”

Artist Tishk Barzanji for @Gucci G-Timeless watch

“I make personified creatures and shapes called Slollas, which inhabit a spirit world known as the Sayssiworld,” explained experimental new media artist Balfua about his artworks.

A lineup of international artists interprets the House’s G-Timeless automatic watch design including Tishk Barzanji who explains: “The style I work in came together, after a year of researching colour theory. The relationship between colours, and how they create an atmosphere. I wanted to create work that showed simplicity and complexity, with the rich atmospheres the colours created. I look at deconstruction but also showing raw emotion, and mood of the scene through surrealism.”

“All my work is influenced by the happenings that take place in social media from a millennial point of view. I always paint with my phone in front of me, looking at memes, reading twitter or gossiping the Instagram stories my friends upload. The compilation of all this information translates in implausible compositions, that tell surreal stories, from which the spectator can empathize with the characters that appear, since most of my references are known in the mainstream world. In conclusion, there is not one thing that inspires or influences me, everything has a space in my paintings,” artist David Macho on his work featuring the G-Timeless watch.

artist Zoltar Kieron for Gucci Timepieces; @Gucci



media artist Balfua for @Gucci G-Timeless Watch;

Gucci G-Timeless watch; @Gucci x @Andrey Kasay for Gucci G-Timeless watch

painter Oh de Laval for @Gucci G-Timeless watch