Off The Grid – Gucci’s first sustainable line




Gucci Off The Grid – a new sustainable collection created using regenerated nylon.

Italian luxury house Gucci is establishing new ways on how sustainability can power creativity and underline its values, making the journey into the next years further and further away from fashion’s linear model, and to a circular one.

gucci off the grid campaign 2020; @gucci

Gucci believes that sustainability is about fostering respect: respect for the people we share our planet with as well as for the environment.

Gucci Off The Grid campaign is taking an extra step outside our confines to live a little bit freer, to express ourselves with respect for the environment, nature and people who share the planet with us.

Jane Fonda leads the cast of the campaign for the first Gucci sustainable line which also includes David Mayer de Rothschild, Lil Nas X, King Princess and Miyavi. They each wear pieces from the Gucci Off The Grid collection designed by Alessandro Michele, standing and sitting in a treehouse in the city, ready to—as the line’s label suggests—open the door to a new beginning. Gucci Off The Grid is created using recycled, organic, bio-based and sustainably sourced materials, including ECONYL, made from regenerated Nylon coupled with solvent-free recycled polyester as well as leftovers from Gucci’s manufacturing processes.

gucci off the grid campaign 2020; @gucci

High up in a rustic treehouse, the towering city that surrounds can be viewed from an idyll of nature.

Jane Fonda says the climate crisis is the defining issue of our time. “Demand that your government officials invest in clean energy infrastructure. Global economists agree that it’s the top investment we can make, both in terms of climate benefits and having the highest stimulus effect during the time of pandemic when so many jobs need to be created.” The campaign is shot by photographer and director Harmony Korine with creative direction by Alessandro Michele and art direction by Christopher Simmonds.

The rapper, singer and songwriter Lil Nas X seen in the Gucci Off The Grid campaign has embraced a greener way of living and performing, including being more aware of his environmental footprint while traveling and supporting environmentally friendly companies.

gucci off the grid campaign 2020; @gucci