This one of a kind 24k gold plated pool table is a good piece of investment




Milan-based Impatia, the luxury design company specialised in bespoke, luxury gaming tables, completely artisan-made in Italy, introduced a pool table featuring 24k gold plated connecting joints and components.

@Impatia Filotto Gold Edition Billiard Table

There are no limits when it comes to luxury, says Impatia about its new Filotto Gold Edition Billiard Table – a revived rendition of the classic Filotto, a product designed by Adriano Design for Impatia.

Filotto is the classic game of billiards, an emblem of leisure originating from the palaces of the bourgeois, which has since become a popular sport across the generations.

The magic of the table lies within the realized thin steel frame, which is both adjustable, divisible and supports the solidslate game surface, as well as the crystal structure that characterizes the new design. The unique feeling of seeing the billiard table “float” on four legs is complementary to the pleasure of playing on this Italian masterpiece.

Available with a variety of customizations, this piece is a match for even the most sophisticated taste.

The new Gold Edition billiard table radiates a sleek elegance and features 24k gold plated components. The parts are created by Italian goldsmiths on the table’s exterior glass structure and the base of each leg.

Lavish in the detailing, the pool table is integrally handcrafted by artisans and exclusively tailormade to order 100% in Italy.

While indeed beautiful in many aspects, the Filotto Gold Edition likewise ensures a premium quality gaming experience. The 8ft pro table is equipped with an Italian slate base which allows for perfect leveling and a smooth playing surface true to comparison with any professional table.

Impatia also offers a stylish leather cue ball set that is complementary to any billiard table.

Last fall, IMPATIA’s Lungolinea Wood Edition Ping Pong table, designed by Davide and Gabriele Adriano, has been selected among the finalists for the LDD award sponsored by Palo Alto SA.

Promoted and organized as part of artecasalugano, LDD-Award 2019 recognized design excellence in a range of design disciplines with the aim of rewarding and enhancing the skills of designers, architects and companies.


@Impatia Filotto Gold Edition Billiard Table