High Design Home Game Room: Brunswick Billiards’ fall 2015 collection

Brunswick Billiards’ new lineup. High Design Home Game Room Products.

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Brunswick Billiards’ fall 2015 collection features home game room products that blend modern home design trends with the superior playability that Brunswick, the leading brand in designing the highest-quality pool tables, game room furnishings and accessories, has delivered for 170 years.

Brunswick Billiards Birmingham Billiards Table

The distinctive Birmingham features a distressed charcoal finish, hammered metal sights, and a wrought iron base and turnbuckle stretchers that give this billiards table an industrial vibe. It comes in an 8 or 9 foot option and starts at $12,999; the matching cue rack is $999.

Brunswick Billiards De Sotto Billiards Table

With a hint of Art Deco styling, the timeless De Soto has a soft espresso finish, reverse arch pedestal base, rounded apron and mother-of-pearl sights. This billiards table, which starts at $7,499, comes in 8 or 9 foot sizes and has a matching rack available for $999.

Brunswick Billiards White Gold Crown IV Limited Edition Billiards Table

The Limited Edition Gold Crown IV delivers the superior playability that has made Brunswick’s Gold Crown line the pros’ favorite for decades, packaged with a sleek, retro look. The 8 foot, white laminate table features bronze corner castings and large capacity drop pockets. It starts at $9,999.

Brunswick Billiards Lexington Billiards Table

Its elegant horseshoe pedestal design inspired the Lexington’s name. A matte cherry finish, concave apron and mother-of-pearl sights complete this billiards table’s graceful look. The Lexington billiard table comes in an 8 or 9 foot option and starts at $7,499; the matching cue rack is $999.

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