Turn the Palmiero Alter Man dial and choose the one that best matches your mood or outfit


Alter Watch Man by Palmiero launched at Baselworld 2018.

In the laboratory-atelier of Valenza, contemporary jewellery artist Carlo Palmiero creates his sensational collections branded Palmiero Jewellery Design, which nowadays represents one of the most sought-after and exclusive firms on the international jewellery scene.

Palmiero Alter Man

Alter Watch Man by Palmiero launched at Baselworld 2018; photos: http://www.palmierogioielli.com / facebook.com/palmierojewellery/

At the latest Baselworld, Palmiero Jewellery Design unveiled Alter Man three dials and two bands in one unique watch. Not only the watch dials elements turn simultaneously and show three different “faces”, and thus fit every occasion, but also the high-end band can now “change face” displaying one full gold texture and one gold and diamonds. Alter Man is made in Italy with patented technology and equipped with Swiss Movement. The watch model is limited to 50 pieces per colour.

” I wanted to design an avant-garde timepiece by matching the highest jewellery and watch techniques with values of beauty. The resulting model is meant to be suitable for different occasions from casual lunches to elegant dinners. Alter: one piece transforms into three different variations by simple turns of the facets on the dial,” explained Carlo Palmiero.

“Like their feminine counterparts, only a limited number of ‘Alter Man’ watches will be produced, with just 50 of each colour and gemstone variation being created in Palmiero’s workshops,” wrote fine jewellery and precious gemstones expert and global jewellery influencer Katerina Perez.

“They have three possible variations of ‘faces’ due to the three-sided pyramid design of the dial piece; one has large Roman numerals on a surface of polished gold, the second has a lattice engraving with small diamonds instead of numbers, and the third is entirely encrusted with diamonds. In contrast to the women’s model, the men’s watch is equipped with a double-sided gold bracelet, which can be reversed to turn the simple gold design into a diamond embellished evening attire option. The accuracy of the watch is guaranteed by a reliable Swiss mechanism,” said katerinaperez, one of the biggest influencers in the fine jewellery world.

Alter Watch Man by Palmiero launched at Baselworld 2018-

Alter Watch Man by Palmiero launched at Baselworld 2018; palmierogioielli.com

Alter Watch Man by Palmiero launched at Baselworld 2018-02

Alter Watch Man by Palmiero launched at Baselworld 2018; palmierogioielli.com


Palmiero won The Best Italian Jewellery Collection 2018

photos: palmierogioielli.com/

Palmiero won “The Best Italian Jewellery Collection 2018”

Palmiero won the Andrea Palladio International Jewellery Award 2018 as “The Best Italian Jewellery Collection”. Every year, the Andrea Palladio International Awards celebrate the best of contemporary jewellery, from design to production, from retail to communication, from CSR to lifetime achievement, celebrated during VICENZAORO exhibition in Italy.

The Winners are announced and awarded by an expert international jury, presided over by Franco Cologni, founder of Fondazione Cologni – Mestieri d’Arte, who won the Lifetime Achievement Award himself in 2017, Silvana Annicchiarico – Director of the Triennale Design Museum, Alba Cappellieri – Professor of Jewellery Design at Milan Polytechnic and Clare Phillips – Curator at London’s Victoria Albert Museum.

The awarded Underwater World collection is a tribute to the aesthetic perfection of nature and the technical manufacture. This collection comes to life and movement thanks to the excellent goldsmith manufacture, the study of volumes and color combination.