Baselworld 2018: This jewelry reproduces the finest lace and handmade embroidery


Leo Pizzo is always searching for something new and special, never forgetting the heritage. Switching from traditional and acclaimed pavé technique that made Leo Pizzo famous throughout the world, the latest iconic collections as Merletti or Light Wings derives from a work of simplification and research of essential and clean lines. The result of this evolution are elegant and contemporary necklaces, rings and bracelets able to excite with their grace.

Leo Pizzo has been an excellence in the field of Italian jewelry for half a century, internationally recognized as a reference point for the luxury goldsmith creativity made in Valenza, heart of the gold district.

Merletti Collection-2018

Leo Pizzo Merletti Collection;

It’s easy to be seduced by this fascinating and enigmatic creature, dressed only in the light and the shadows projected on the skin by the wonderful Merletti earrings to be presented at Baselworld 2018 – The biggest watch and jewelry show.

This game of contrasts and noir suggestions, so typical of the female soul, gives a mysterious allure and reflects the restless and romantic spirit of those who wear these gold and diamond masterpieces. The dense texture of precious stones resembles the constellations of a starry sky, whose reflections also permeate the face of the woman.

The creations of the new collection are inspired by a long tradition of Italian textile artisans, a form of art for refinement and incomparable beauty.

The lightness of the chisels reproduces the finest lace and every embroidery is handmade by a craftsman: this secret confers uniqueness on every jewel, pervading it of the impalpable magic that enchants.

For the new Light Wings Collection Leo Pizzo was inspired by the animal that par excellence represents freedom and lightness: in a beating of wings it flies where it prefers, and then rises towards the infinity of the sky, taming the wind.

In motion, the reflections of the golden wings take on colorful shades of yellow, pink and silver. The jewelry is characterized by a beautiful three dimensional effect that has always been the trademark of the high-end brand.

“Made in Italy means manufacturing excellence, but also geographic location: the entire production cycle takes place in-house, a real rarity in the era of outsourcing, a privilege we want to preserve in the territory to guarantee the continuity of the craft vocation. Our jewels sparkle in the windows of every capital of luxury and our flagship stores are located in some of the most prestigious Italian squares like Milan Rome and Taormina, places highly representative of our culture,” says the high-end jewelry house.

Merletti Collection-2018-pendant Merletti Collection-2018-earrings-V) Merletti Collection-2018-earrings


images: leopizzo