Virtual voyages with the arts by Ruinart, Marc Jacobs and Rimowa



#TripsChangeUs: luxury brands transcending restrictions on movement with dreams and sharing.

Champagne Maison Ruinart is travelling back in time and sharing its art partnership with Liu Bolin in 2018; @ruinart

It is always possible to escape thanks to the power of imagination and the evocative power of memory. Art awakens the imagination with invitations to expand horizons and explore unknown realms.

By sharing photographs, RIMOWA encourages its community to transcend restrictions on movement with dreams and sharing. The luxury Maison invites its followers to use their Instagram accounts to share photos taken during a trip that truly mattered to them using the hashtag #TripsChangeUs. Selected photos are then reposted on the RIMOWA Instagram account. Photos thus morph into memories, dreams and bonds between people.

RIMOWA CEO Alexandre Arnault kicked off the movement by sharing a photo of his first safari in South Africa, a transformational experience that left an indelible mark on him. Kim Jones, Dior Men’s Creative Director, also took part by sharing a photo of Lake Turkana in Kenya “a pool of green algae where huge Nile crocodiles congregate”.


Maison Ruinart proposes another invitation to journeys by delving into the archives of its artistic collaborations each week.

Ruinart luxury Champagne house has long enjoyed close relationships with numerous artists, inviting them to revisit its unique heritage. The artists express their distinctive vision of emblematic Ruinart spaces and historical objects, completely reinventing them to propose totally novel perspectives.

Discover or rediscover the distinctive worlds of artists such as Liu Bolin and Erwin Olaf, who were given carte blanche for the Ruinart creations in 2018 and 2016. Liu Bolin appropriated the Maison’s vineyards and cellars, creating amazing camouflage works, while Erwin Olaf focused his lens on Ruinart’s majestic chalk cellars, where its precious flacons of champagne age. The artist’s black and white photos celebrate the rich history of Ruinart’s emblematic cellars.

Marc Jacobs is also brightening up the lockdown with the arts.

Marc Jacobs Maison invites its community to tune in the good with enriching content and connections with friends of the brand. Monday Mixtapes is a shared Spotify playlist curated with friends of the brand such as Sofia Coppola or Katie Eleanor Grand.

And each Wednesday, Marc Jacobs Instagram Stories hosts a live drawing session with an artist-illustrator and invites the community to follow their inspiration and Draw Together. Then on Friday it’s time for Bookmarc Presents, conversations with fashion personalities about books they love. Kaia Gerber recently discussed one of her favorite books, Françoise Sagan’s novel Bonjour Tristesse, with author Stephanie LaCava.