The Cartier Women’s Initiative 2019: Seven trailblazing female entrepreneurs, seven ways to change the world



The 2019 Cartier Women’s Initiative brought together and honored some of the world’s most dynamic, forward-thinking and socially conscious businesswomen. The awards ceremony was held in San Francisco on May 2, 2019.

Cartier Women Iniatitive 2019 Laureates

Cartier Women Initiative 2019 Laureates;

Founded in 2006 by Cartier luxury house, McKinsey & Company and INSEAD Business School, the Cartier Women’s Initiative is an annual business competition that is open to women-run impact-driven businesses in any country and industry sector. The Cartier Women’s Initiative aims to encourage inspirational women entrepreneurs worldwide to solve contemporary global challenges. Every year, three finalists are selected from the following seven regions: Latin America, North America, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East & North Africa, East Asia and South Asia & Oceania.

“At a ceremony on May 2 at the Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture, Cartier is honoring the innovators whose ideas are changing the world. This year’s theme, “The Ripple Effect,” celebrates how small actions can ricochet off other small actions to produce sweeping change. In partnership with TED, the Awards ceremony includes specially curated talks by innovators and creators to inspire insightful discussions about what entrepreneurship means and the power it can unleash in individuals, communities and the world,” wrote

Cartier Women Iniatitive 2019 Laureates-

Cartier Women Initiative 2019 Laureates;


2019 Laureates:

  • LIZA PAOLA VELARDE CALVILLO – Mexico, Technologies Delee Mexico;

Her project: A blood test that detects the presence of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in cancer patients, enabling physicians to better monitor the progress of the disease.

  • RAN MA USA, Siren

Her project: Smart socks for diabetics made of Neurofabric, a proprietary technology fitted with micro-sensors to monitor foot temperature and guard against foot ulcers.

  • ZINEB AGOUMI – France, EzyGain

Her project: An affordable space-saving gait rehabilitation device that secures patients at the pelvis and monitors their progress.

  • MANKA ANGWAFO – Cameroon, Grassland Cameroon

Her project: Asset-based affordable funding service offering smallholder farmers a comprehensive package of training, farm inputs and access to market.

  • HIBAH SHATA- UAE, Maharat Learning Center

Her project: A learning center offering behavioral therapy and educational support to children and young adults with special needs.

  • YEON JEONG CHO – South Korea, SAY Global

Her project: An online language school that trains retired seniors in Korea and connects them to Korean language learners worldwide.

  • CARMINA BAYOMBONG – Philippines, InvestEd

Her project: An investment platform providing student loans to underserved youth using a proprietary credit rating algorithm.