How to experience colors in a new way with Art Palette, a new Machine Learning project by Google Arts & Culture

Paul Smith & Art Palette

New from Google Arts & Culture, Art Palette harnesses the technological smarts of Google with the artistic and cultural wealth of over 1000 museums and institutions from around the world including the British Museum, MoMa in New York and many more.

Art Palette is a tool that lets you scan through thousands of artworks by colour alone. Either pick a colour or upload a photo and Google’s algorithms will serve up a series of artworks that share the same colour palette. See how highly respected English fashion designer Paul Smith uses Art Palette to enrich his design work and inspire colour combinations.

paul smith art culture project 2018

Paul Smith & Art Palette; photo: paulsmith /


“For somebody who loves colour, like me, it’s so useful to look through whole collections of paintings or photography or anything where people have used certain colours together”, said Paul Smith.

Art Palette

From interior design to fashion, color plays a fundamental role in expression, communicating personality, mood and emotion. Art Palette lets you choose a color palette, and using a combination of computer vision algorithms, it matches artworks from cultural institutions from around the world with your selected hues. See how Van Gogh’s Irises share a connection of color with a 16th century Iranian folio and Monet’s water lilies. You can also snap a photo of your outfit today or your home decor and can click through to learn about the history behind the artworks that match your colors.

Explore Art Palette for yourself via the free Google Arts & Culture app, or online at Google Arts & Culture.

Paul Smith clothes, shoes and accessories inspired by Tokyo's famous Tsukiji fish market

Paul Smith clothes, shoes and accessories inspired by Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji fish market; photo: Paul Smith


This Summer, Paul Smith pays tribute to Tokyo’s world famous Tsukiji Market with a series of colourful fish graphics.