Nautor’s Swan to reveal new outstanding yacht at 2020 boot dusseldorf


BOOT Duesseldorf is one of the best Boat Shows in the world of yachting. Boot 2020 will represent a way for Nautor’s Swan to highlight its completeness in terms of range, expressing once again the two souls of the brand: cruiser and racer. Swan 48 and ClubSwan 36 will be on display for a German Première

NAUTOR’S SWAN at boot 2020

Nautor’s Swan new stand was conceived in partnership with Misa Poggi, with the elegant furniture provided by Braid Outdoor accompanied by the scents of Salvatore Ferragamo Parfums.The ClubSwan Lounge is the expression of the whole Swan owners community with events and pros talking about the art of sailing.

The Maxi Swan Atelier showcase how a future owner can customise his Swan, stimulating an out-of-the-box thinking by offering different solutions according to the clients’ needs.

The very well welcomed Swan 48 yacht will be on display with the innovative ClubSwan 36, both at their German Première. But it’s not all… great news are coming along.

Together with German Frers, Nautor’s team is presenting a newcomer in the Swan family, to complete the offer of the high-end brand’s range.

In fact, the Swan Line will be enriched with another elegant, performing and seaworthy model: the pencil of the Maestro Germán Frers has created a new yacht which is inspired by tradition but expresses innovation through high technology.


More than 40 years after the Swan 48 yacht designed by the legendary Sparkman & Stephens of New York, the sailing myth comes back from the pencil of German Frers, Nautor’s Swan naval architect and passionate ambassador.

With more than 30 units sold, including APAC and US, Swan 48 has been very welcomed by the world thanks to her innovative and offer of the best equipment and material specifications and solutions available in the market.A new amazing project in the Swan family will be unveiled and presented in a different way. Come along to be one of the first to experience the new “Swan to Be”, appreciating the unmatchable qualities of the luxury Finnish brand.

NAUTOR’S SWAN CLUBSWAN 36: The pure racer, the modern evolution of many racing classes.

One-design sailors coming from dinghies or high-performance keelboat classes find a great option in ClubSwan 36 sailing yacht.

15 units have already been sold and the first four ClubSwan 36s competed in the last edition of The Nations Trophy, the bi-annual Swan One Design regatta dedicated to ClubSwan 50, Swan 45, ClubSwan 42 and – from this year – to the ClubSwan 36.