Luxury Libations and Digital Drinking Among The Macro-Trends Defining Sipping Spirits In 2022


The key trends impacting the business of cocktails in 2022. Local Loyal, Spice Seeking, Mindful Mixologists – These Are the Spirits Consumers of 2022, According to the Annual Bacardi Cocktail Trends Report.

@Bacardi Cocktail Trends Report 2022

The third annual Bacardi Cocktail Trends Report spotlights the macro-trends defining how, what, where, and why consumers are sipping spirits in 2022.

The latest Bacardi Cocktail Trends Report spotlights our craving for premium and canned cocktails, natural and NoLo ingredients, and citrus and spicy flavors, all while staying sustainability-centric. The report was created in collaboration with The Future Laboratory (TFL) and draws from Bacardi-led and external research to unveil the undercurrents transforming everything from drinks desired, flavor expectations, and imbibing occasions through to ethical action and ways of creating cocktails.

Here are the macro-trends defining how, what, where, and why consumers are sipping spirits in 2022:


Discerning attitudes are emerging among new alcohol connoisseurs, who are seeking out high-quality drink experiences – driving another wave of premiumization across spirit categories, including in the canned format of premium prepared cocktails. With 50% of bartenders globally reporting that their customers are drinking more premium drinks, this represents an evolution in bar-goers’ behavior since the start of the pandemic.

Bartenders and consumers alike are exhibiting excitement for tequila, bourbon, and cognac, where category premiumization, exclusivity, and the hand-crafted nature of the spirit are driving intrigue and desire. Demand for tequila is driven by the shift in how it’s perceived – from a party spirit to sophisticated sipping serve, and the mixability of the spirit that has made it a base for popular cocktails, such as the margarita, old fashioned, negroni, and paloma.


Cocktail enthusiasts continue to harness technology to master domestic mixology from the comfort of their homes while having spirits delivered directly to their doors. Much of the current growth in e-commerce is being driven by the U.S., with more than 65% of consumers in the country using an online service to purchase alcohol.


The coming year will see consumers demand innovative, ethical, long-term solutions that deliver real social change. With the growing importance of enterprises that empower communities and fuel localism, hyper-local delivery will go mainstream as consumers seek to balance their desire for convenience with a quest for sustainable solutions.

Sustainability remains a primary concern of consumers across the globe. But while recyclability and zero-waste cocktails formed the thrust of sustainable action this year, 2022 will see more initiatives shaped by a focus on how spirits are made, with a vast majority of people now willing to pay more for ethically sourced regenerative refreshments.

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People are exploring new flexible approaches to sobriety while favoring unique cocktails and spirits when they decide to drink. There’s a rise in sober-curious consumers, happy to switch between sober nights and drinking occasions, with 58% globally drinking more non-alcoholic and low-ABV cocktails (NoLo) than a year ago.

A conscious attitude is influencing a shift toward natural selections in 2022 with one-third of people in the U.S. and half in the U.K. seeing natural ingredients as a factor in their cocktail choices, a trend that’s beginning to sway the way consumers imbibe in emerging markets.



Across the globe, a wealth of pent-up demand for social interactions will drive people to seek out cocktail experiences that deliver transformation, celebrate the power of social connection, embrace new experiences, and strive for learning and personal growth. As these consumers return to bars, they’re expecting to be wowed by cocktail experience as many go into 2022 with a sense of mindfulness around making each moment more meaningful.

@Bacardi Cocktail Trends Report 2022

Top Spirits for 2022 Cocktail trends report 2022:

1. Vodka
2. Gin
3. Tequila
4. Brandy
5. Whiskey (including scotch whisky)
6. Vermouth
7. Rum
8. Liqueurs / Cordials
9. Cognac
10. Mezcal.

Top 2022 Cocktail Orders:

As we emerge out of lockdowns across the world, the appetite for new nightlife and social experiences is peaking, with almost six in 10 people saying that something new and different is an important factor in choosing a cocktail at a bar, club or restaurant. To meet this demand, 2022 will see brands drive customers to bricks-and-mortar locations through temporary pop-up alcohol and nightlife partnerships that capitalize on an experiential boom.

Gin and Tonic
Pina Colada
Vodka Soda
Rum and Coke
Bloody Mary
Irish Coffee.

@Bacardi Cocktail Trends Report 2022