Cocktails That Captures Flowers, Best Hotel Bar in South China, and New Signature Cocktails in London

Tian Bar at Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou Crowned Best Hotel Bar in Southern China By 2021 DRiNK Awards.

2021 DRiNK Awards for Tian Bar at Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou; photo @Four Seasons

Tian Bar at Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou was crowned Best Hotel Bar (South) by DRiNK Awards. Giuseppe Magno, Director of Food and Beverage, expresses joy when receiving the award: “It is such an hornour to have received this accolade from the leading industry media DRiNK in Asia. We are truly grateful as this award also represents acknowledgement within the bar profession, which is a hugely diverse and fascinating industry. With the business challenge in the past two years, this award is a great encouragement to us.”

Located on the 99th floor of Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou, Tian Bar offers spectacular views of the city skyline. Since opening, it has been a social gathering venue of high fashion and sophisticated taste. Cut from a single piece of rare multicoloured agate, the bar serves as an excellent conversation-starter at the cocktail lounge. Tian Bar offers up to 100 beverage choices including selected wines, premium champagnes and crafted cocktails. Settle in for an evening of drinks, music, and stunning night views.

@Tian Bar at @Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou

@Tian Bar at @Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou

The city of Guangzhou is also known as “City of Flower” as it enjoys continuous blossoms all year round. Inspired by this beautiful nickname, Tian Bar presents a modern flower-centric cocktail menu that intertwines with art and creative cocktails. The 2021 edition of the “flower” menu aims to explore various techniques while extracting the ingredients from flowers. Let it be tinctures, bitters, infusion or fragrances – the natural beauty and elegance of flowers brings forth joy and pleasure, which heightens the cocktail experience. This new floral cocktail menu includes four series (Sweet Floral, Sour, Spirit Forwards and Floral) and with each series are three cocktail options.

To further enhance the experience, Tian Bar is currently hosting a modern art exhibition displaying a collection of Flowers for Fragility by Ruojie Yu, a rising visual artist based in Shanghai. The collection of Flowers for Fragility captures the inner strength of flowers through the fluid colour and shapes within the progressive journey of a life form. Likewise, the cocktail selection at Tian Bar deliberately deemphasises the specific form of the flower, utilising technology to extract its flavour and colour, to enable the essence of the flower to evolve gracefully within the cocktail, ensuring that each sip is a lush fragrance.

@Tian Bar at @Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou

The Pencil Cocktail at @Rotunda Bar and Lounge at @Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square; photo @Four Seasons

Rotunda Bar and Lounge at Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square Launches New Signature Cocktails

As winter approaches and party season gets underway, Rotunda Bar & Lounge at Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square provides the perfect setting for a cocktail or two with friends. This November, Bar Manager Nikos Tachmazis is tantalising guests with a menu of innovative signature cocktails, ready to enjoy in the beautiful surrounds of the Art Deco venue.

Taking his inspiration from childhood memories, Nikos’ three signature cocktails will transport guests back to their youth with each sip.

  • The Pencil Cocktail– An innovative cocktail served in a narrow tube with cedar wood, vodka, cacao, and chocolate caviar. The fragrance and flavours of the drink will evoke memories from childhood, taking guests back to the sensation of chewing the end of a pencil in the classroom. The style of the cocktail itself creates a playful and unique short drink.
  • Moondust Cocktail– Designed for all those that dreamed of being an astronaut as a child. With rum, raspberry, gunpowder, Dewazakura sake and smoke, Moondust is inspired by verified astronaut accounts of the unique “smell” of the moon, which they reported is a distinct odour made up of gunpowder, rum, raspberry, metal.
  • Sea Breeze Cocktail – A cocktail that will transport guests back to childhood beach holidays and memories of being surrounded by the salty sea air and songs of the ocean. Labdanum, benzoin, vodka, kelp, dry vermouth and mastic make this signature cocktail a drink not to be missed.

    @Rotunda Bar and Lounge at @Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square; photo @Four Seasons