How to Bring a Touch of Hollywood Glamour to Your Bedroom



Are you a big fan of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood? If so, you might want to think about ways in which you can bring a touch of Hollywood glamour to your bedroom, as this is an important space which should be a reflection of your personality. You do not have to be rich and famous to be able to do this and there are a few simple ways that you can transform your bedroom.

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Maximise Space

It is important that the room does not become cluttered and this is so that it can look its best, but also so that it is a practical space and somewhere that you can relax. This means having smart storage solutions, such as fitted wardrobes which can make it much easier to keep the room tidy, while also taking up less space.

Follow these steps and you will make your bedroom much more glamorous and a reflection of your personality. Many people dream about having the life of a Hollywood celebrity and making your bedroom more glamorous is one of the best ways to make this more of a reality.

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Luxury Throws & Faux Fur Rugs

If you have seen the homes of celebrities on shows like MTV cribs, then you will have noticed that one of the most common features is having luxury throws with fabrics like velvet, satin and silk. These can cost a fair amount, but you should be able to find some stylish throws and faux fur rugs for much more affordable costs which will give the same feel to your bedroom and make it more comfortable.

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Vanity Mirror

Vanity mirrors with lights around the side are synonymous with Hollywood, but they can be affordable to buy or even set up yourself. In addition to bringing some glitz to the bedroom, they will help you to help you feel like you are a star when getting ready in the morning, as well as finding that these are highly practical, too.

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Sleek Colour Schemes with Gold/Silver Accents

Colour plays a huge role when it comes to interior design and if you want to bring a touch of Hollywood style, then you should opt for sleek, neutral colours which are then highlighted with gold or silver accents to bring a touch of class and elegance. You can then bring in more bold injections of colour with artwork, bedding and plants, for example.

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Flattering Lighting

Lighting also plays a major role and you will want plenty of light so that it makes it easy to get ready in the morning. Of course, a chandelier can make any room look much more opulent and glamorous if you have the space and lamps can help to add atmosphere and style.

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