High Jewellery: The Poetry Of Landscape

Boodles The Poetry Of Landscape

Boodles designers challenge craftsmen to interpret their inspiration and marry the required aesthetic with creating a piece that is comfortable to wear.


‘The Poetry of Landscape,’ Boodles’ latest collection of Exceptional Creations, is inspired by the natural scenery that defines Britain. The new high jewellery collection brings together the main sources of Boodles design aesthetic and the ways in which it has developed since Head of Design Rebecca Hawkins joined the company 25 years ago.

“Inspiration comes from our environment as seen first-hand and also through the eyes of some of Britain’s greatest artists, who have been chosen for their modern sensibilities, their feeling for atmosphere and their ability to identify with the spirit of a place,” explained Hawkins.

Enticing gemstones ranging from pale pink opals to moonstones, peridots, pink diamonds, green tourmalines, soft blue aquamarines and yellow beryls hint at pale sunlight, celebrate the beauty of cool misty greys and the vivacity of new green foliage; characteristics that make up the very essence of British landscape and inspirations which are integral to Boodles design aesthetic. The muse is a poetic convention and for this collection that role is performed by the British landscape itself.

Boodles The Poetry Of Landscape inspired by The ancient rock formation at Malham in the Yorkshire Dales

High Jewellery inspired by the ancient rock formation at Malham in the Yorkshire Dales


Boodles Malham Rock Pendant

Boodles ‘Malham Rock’ Pendant

The ancient rock formation at Malham in the Yorkshire Dales provided a starting point for the design of Boodles ‘Malham Rock’ suite. Inspiration came from seemingly delicate plants that thrive despite wild weather conditions amid the tiny spaces between weather-beaten rocks.

Boodles ‘Malham Rock’ Pendant: an impressive cushion-shaped green beryl set with a floral motif is suspended from a white gold chain with asymmetrically laid diamond-set details.

A Boodles craftsman described creating the ‘Wood on the Downs’ bracelet as “almost like a musical notation; we positioned the joints so they don’t detract from the pattern, so the flow and narrative of the piece is maintained”.

The Tide suite by Boodles

The Tide suite by Boodles

The Tide suite by Boodles-

The Tide suite by Boodles

‘The Tide’ suite by Boodles: Ripples of round brilliant cut diamonds ebb and flow around a central Ashoka diamond of over 7 carats within the collar, and the matching earrings feature a splash of marquise diamonds. The necklace is finished with waves of diamonds around a central marquise-shaped diamond, the ring features five rows of marquise and round brilliant cut diamonds and the cuff includes a principal Ashoka diamond of over 3 carats surrounded by curved diamond-set lines.

Boodles ‘Woodland’ pieces feature stylised diamond pinecone motifs that interplay with forest-green tourmalines, creating a glossy effect of dew on evergreen foliage.

In order to fully illustrate the sources of Rebecca’s inspiration, Boodles has commissioned British photographer Martin Morrell to capture a range of these scenes around the United Kingdom. ‘The Poetry of Landscape’ launches with an accompanying coffee table book, including the specially commissioned fine art photographs.

Boodles The Poetry Of Landscape art photography An aerial view of Man O’War Beach, Dorset Boodles The Poetry Of Landscape craftsmen Boodles Woodland’ pieces ‘Wood on the Downs