For The Second Year Running, Cartier Unveils Its Jewellery Institute

From 16-17 September 2023, Cartier opens the doors of its Jewellery Institute for the European Heritage Days.

@Cartier opens the doors of its Jewellery Institute for the European Heritage Days/ @Richemont

For the second year running, Cartier unveils its Jewellery Institute, which will be exceptionally open to the public for the European Heritage Days. On September 16th and 17th, some 200 visitors will be able to discover the world of Jewellery making and the unique expertise of Cartier.

Cartier’s Jewellery Institute serves as a symbol of the brand’s enduring commitment to preserving, nurturing, and sharing the artistry of jewellery making. Established in 2002 within an 18th-century mansion in the heart of Paris’s historic jewellery district, it stands as a testament to Cartier’s dedication to its craft. The institute, which trains approximately 150 craftspeople annually, plays a vital role in upholding the rich heritage of jewellery making in France. It’s noteworthy that Cartier was among the first luxury brands to establish such a center, underscoring its dedication to preserving and enhancing the expertise of its artisans.

The decision to open the Jewellery Institute to the public during the European Heritage Days signifies Cartier’s commitment to transparency and education in the realm of haute joaillerie. Through guided tours and interactive experiences, visitors are granted a rare opportunity to delve into the meticulous techniques and craftsmanship behind Cartier’s iconic creations. The emphasis on sharing the lesser-known aspects of glyptics and casting showcases the institute’s dedication to both tradition and innovation.

Moreover, Cartier’s outreach to young people interested in the world of jewellery making is commendable. By allowing aspiring artisans to interact directly with seasoned craftspeople and gain insights into their passion, Cartier is not only promoting the perpetuation of traditional craftsmanship but also fostering the next generation of jewellery artisans.

The partnership with educational institutions and the creation of a Digital Bachelor’s Degree further solidify Cartier’s role in shaping the future of jewellery making. By offering opportunities for work-study students and interns, Cartier contributes to the development of skilled professionals who will carry forward the legacy of exceptional craftsmanship.

@Cartier opens the doors of its Jewellery Institute for the European Heritage Days/ @Richemont