Subtle celebrations: Mimirose, Grand Bal Haute Horlogerie, Dior Talks



The ‘Mimirose’ jewelry collection by Victoire de Castellane is a subtle celebration of 20 years of Dior Joaillerie, bringing together the signature fine chains and precious stones of ‘Mimioui’ and the delicate, twisted rice grain settings of ‘Rose des Vents’.

Dior MimiRose 2020 collection; @dior

The new 2020 jewelry collection is embodied by Dior Joaillerie face Cara Delevingne. In a playful video Cara Delevingne extolls the secret specialness of these tiny jewelry treasures. Dior Mimirose is composed of flexible and adaptable pieces designed to be treasured, stacked and mixed according to one’s whims. Bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings come in yellow or rose gold accented with diamonds, rubies or emeralds.

With their sensual miniature dimensions, these ‘Mimirose’ lucky charms are meant to be held close, subtly interacting with the skin like lace, eternal totems traversing time.

Dior invites us to rediscover the ‘Rose des Vents’ jewelry collection by Victoire de Castellane, courtesy of Dior Joaillerie face Cara Delevingne. Inspired by the navigational wind rose that decorated Monsieur Dior’s clifftop childhood home at Granville, and by his love of roses, these talismanic pieces – as bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings – feature alternating medallions with eight-pointed stars denoting a compass and symbolic hardstones, each encircled with twisting rice grains that recall boat rigging and the lure of new horizons.

Dior MimiRose 2020 collection; @dior

Dior Grand Bal Masqué’ watch line of 12 one-of-a-kind watches features rotors as dancing carnival masks; still lifes by @JuliaHetta that capture the uniqueness of each piece, as shot for #DiorMagazine No.30. @Dior; photos @JuliaHetta

An exceptional new style joins the ‘Dior Grand Bal’ Dior Haute Horlogerie collection.

Inspired by Monsieur Dior’s beloved masquerade balls, the ‘Dior Grand Bal Masqué’ line of 12 one-of-a-kind watches features rotors as dancing carnival masks, decorated in feather-trimmed gemstones set off with diamond-set bezels and cases. With an automatic “Dior Inversé 11 1/2” caliber movement, its signature is the frontal rotor twirling to mimic a ballgown, as in the original feather-embellished ‘Plume’ version.

Celebrating the mysteries of nature, these exquisite Dior Haute Horlogerie timepieces become the key components of captivating still lifes by @JuliaHetta that capture the uniqueness of each piece, as shot for Dior Magazine No.30. “With their distinctive “Dior Inversé 11 ½” caliber movement, the visible front rotors twirl like ball gowns in delicate examples of couture feather-working or gem-setting expertise, all testaments to the justifiably renowned Dior Savoir-Faire,” commented Dior.


At a time when the world could use some distraction, Dior invites you to discover ‘Dior Talks’ This podcast series explores the relationship between Creative Director of Women’s collections Maria Grazia Chiuri and contemporary women artists and curators. The latest episode features Paola Ugolini, a pioneering and fascinating figure in the Italian art scene, who talks with illuminating passion and profound knowledge about feminist art and its interplay with the world of fashion.

Since March 20, Dior has dedicated its production site Saint-Jean-De-Braye to produce large quantities of hydroalcoholic gel for free delivery to the French health authorities as priority to the AP-HP, Paris’ public hospital network fighting against the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19).