World record $1200 Margarita

Manhattan’s 230 FIFTH Rooftop Bar & Penthouse Lounge, New York City’s largest high altitude outdoor bar, has taken frozen cocktail culture to new heights with the debut of the $1200 Frozen Fifth Avenue as the world’s most expensive margarita, frozen… or not. The cost reflects such high end ingredients as the $1800-a-bottle 1800 Coleccion Extra Anejo Tequila 2010 Limited Release, Quintessence Grand Marnier, which costs $800, and ice made from $450 bottles of Lois Roederer Cristal Champagne. The price tag also reflects 230 FIFTH‘s donation of $600 to the charity of purchasers’ choice.

World record $1200 Margarita gives people an opportunity to party with a purpose by offering a way to donate to charity, while having the truly unique experience of drinking a record-setting cocktail made with two of the world’s rarest spirits, according to 230 FIFTH’s officials.

The 1800 Coleccion Extra Anejo Tequila is made from plants at least ten years old and only distilled in those years when there are enough appropriately aged plants to warrant the production. The Quintessence is even rarer since only 2000 were ever made from a one-time only blend of precious private reserve cognacs, some dating to 1906.

The high-end ingredients of the costly cocktail do not stop with the posh spirits, Champagne ice and crystal glass. The Frozen Fifth Avenue’s citrus component is the juice from kaffir limes, which hail from Southeast Asia and cost as much as $5 each. Their distinctive acidity is mitigated by pure agave nectar at $10 a bottle, while the flavor profile of the Frozen Fifth is spiked by the $30-a-pound by hand-harvested French fleur de sel sea salt rimming the glass.