Why Megève should be Your Next Destination for a Ski Holiday


While many of you are resting on a beach in Corsica, not yet ready to go back to the office and apply the strategies you have developed during Summer, it is already time to book your next ski holidays. Why? Because if you wait too long, all the chalets in Megève will already be booked, and that would be a pity.

Did you know?

There are many things that you probably don’t know yet about Megève. For example: Who founded its ski resort? None other than Baroness de Rothschild. That gives you an idea of how idyllic the location is, and how luxurious it was always meant to be. That is why, everything you will find in Megève revolves around luxury concepts. Whether it is the station itself or the restaurants in and around it, there is no doubt that Megève should be considered as a higher-level ski resort. The same can be said about the Fée Pour Vous chalets that are offered in rental.

But ski is not the only activity that you will find, when you come to Megève. For those who like to live intensely, the casino is the place to be. And for others who like to live at night, many bars and clubs can be found to fill their need. In the daytime, the city is known as the ultimate best in regards to wellness, thanks to many spas and lots of space to let go of the tensions of our daily lives. As for those who like sports so much, that only skiing would not entirely fulfill them, they can try their hands at curling, or skating. In the summer time, beautiful pools are found on the grounds, and you can even take a ride in a hot-air balloon. Now you know…

@Chalet White Peak Megeve by @Fée Pour Vous

Luxury Chalets in Megeve ski resort by @feepourvous.com

Dream Accommodations

When you go on holidays, the most important element of the trip is where you will be staying. Those of you reading these lines, sitting on a yacht, and watching the sun go down, fully understand the meaning of this. That is why you need to look into the Fée Pour Vous chalets at Megève. You will find everything and everyone ready at your arrival, so that you can enjoy the week, without having to think about anything. The butler will greet you and have your things brought to your respective rooms, while the chef prepares a welcome lunch or dinner. During your stay, a chauffeur will take you wherever you need to go. And for the guests who have yet to learn how to ski, a private monitor will be at your disposal. Perfect for those who want to get better at the sport, as well.

Luxury Chalets in Megeve ski resort by @feepourvous.com

If You enjoy Megève, find the Right Chalet for You

It is probable that you will not want to leave Megève, after such a delightful week. However, we all have to go back to our life at some point. That is the beauty of holidays, after all: A period to relax. But the best alternative could then be to acquire your own chalet in the region. If that is something you envision, talk to the managers of Fée Pour Vous, and they will get to work to find the one chalet made for you.

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