Bowlus Unveils First All-Electric RV To Go Off-Grid Indefinitely

First application of AeroSolar in the RV industry offers ability to live off-grid indefinitely.

@Bowlus Debuts First All-Electric RV with Ultra-Luxury Volterra Model

Bowlus Volterra becomes the first production RV to be 100-percent electric.

Started in 1934, Bowlus’ unique Streamline Moderne design has been reimagined with modern technology including heated floors, WiFi, remote temperature control, as well as luxurious spa-like en-suite features and premium bedding and dining areas.

Bowlus, now a world leader in performance luxury recreation vehicles, has a history of industry firsts, not only as the world’s first aluminum-riveted travel trailer, but also the first to feature lithium iron phosphate batteries. Bowlus pioneered the “luxury land travel” segment and continues to add innovation in support of the brand’s mission to elevate and enhance the luxury traveler’s experience.

@Bowlus Volterra luxury All-electric RV

Volterra is first luxury RV with high-speed satellite internet ready and first travel trailer to offer induction cooktop.

Last week, Bowlus announced the world’s first production all-electric RV, the Volterra luxury travel trailer. The Volterra features fully electric power with a 100-percent increase in battery capacity from previous models, as well as the first application of AeroSolar™ in the RV industry. Combined, these features give Bowlus customers the ability to be off-grid indefinitely. Additionally, the Volterra is the first travel trailer with an induction cooktop and the first RV with integrated high-speed satellite internet. The Volterra also features a new back-up camera, a 150-percent increase in fresh water storage capacity and a luxurious limited-edition color palette.

“We brought the first electric travel trailer with lithium iron phosphate batteries to market, and now the evolution to our Volterra model marks the final step to being fully electric,” said Geneva Long, Founder and CEO of Bowlus. “The new Volterra will benefit customers as the perfect complement to an electric vehicle. You can charge your Bowlus while you drive and have a fully electric experience once you arrive, and, with Volterra’s new solar panel set up, you can live off-grid indefinitely and sleep with confidence knowing you’re helping preserve the great outdoors while you enjoy its splendor.”

@Bowlus Volterra luxury All-electric RV

Full Electric Power

The new Bowlus Volterra offers the RV industry’s most advanced battery system & largest power bank, with 17 kwh of lithium iron phosphate batteries – a more than 100-percent increase in battery capacity from the Terra Firma model. Already equipped with 20A outlets for emergency EV charging, the increased battery capacity extends the EV emergency charging range to approximately 65 miles. Additionally, the electric connection to one’s EV while driving continuously re-charges your Bowlus while you drive, offering power on your way to your destination.

No fossil fuels are required for the Volterra. This Bowlus is fully electric. As sustainably responsible living grows in communities around the world, clients will be confident knowing no pollution from generators and no off-gassing from propane are present in the Volterra. In addition to the quiet operation of electric power, this is ideal for those who have chemical sensitivities.

To keep clients up-to-date on power management, Bowlus is also offering over-the-air monitoring and updates.

@Bowlus Volterra luxury All-electric RV


The Volterra is the first RV industry application of AeroSolar. The system charges as you drive and while you camp, with no need for setup or activation. It is the ultimate user experience.

With up to 480W of solar power absorption, the solar panels feature monocrystalline cells with PERC technology that are up to 12 percent more efficient than conventional solar cells. They are also lightweight, durable and designed for aerodynamic surfaces such as the Streamline Moderne architecture of the Bowlus.

Optimized for maximum efficiency in all conditions, including partial shade, AeroSolar is paired with an ultra-fast MPPT solar controller to optimize the match between the solar array (PV panels) and the battery. The controller is optimized for the solar panels on the roof and two optional suitcase panels for extra use.

AeroSolar is also three times lighter compared to aluminum-framed glass panels and passively charges the Bowlus at all times.

@Bowlus Volterra luxury All-electric RV

Starlink Satellite Internet

Anyone living an off-grid lifestyle knows strong internet is a requirement for connecting for work or leisure. To this end, the Volterra is the first RV with high-speed satellite internet ready, which provides fast and reliable internet anywhere in the United States or Canada.

The Volterra includes Starlink Satellite Internet providing up to 250 mbps download speeds. It’s perfect for streaming, video calls and large file downloads across multiple devices at the same time. As an added feature, an LTE SIM card serves as a backup, so Bowlus owners can also rely on cell service in urban areas, as well. It is the perfect combination of connectivity for the digital nomad.

@Bowlus Volterra luxury All-electric RV

Interior and Technological Enhancements

The 2023 Bowlus Volterra is the first travel trailer to feature an induction cooktop. This provides faster and more energy-efficient heating than gas counterparts and better cooking, with precise temperature control and less ambient heat than gas. It is a safer way to cook without emitting gas into the air, and it keeps the Volterra 100-percent electric.

Other key updates to enhance the spa-like atmosphere of the Bowlus include a 150-percent increase in fresh water storage capacity, with fresh water tanks of 50 gallons. It is perfect for extended off-grid time or longer showers.

On the technology front, the Volterra includes a state-of-the-art backup camera to help easily back into tight camping spaces late at night, thanks to full-color night vision. The backup camera offers a crystal-clear color picture and 120-degree viewing, and is rechargeable, waterproof, and compatible with all iOS and Android devices.

Pricing for the All-Electric Volterra RV begins at an MSRP of $310,000.

@Bowlus Volterra luxury All-electric RV