Bowlus is elevating the luxury land traveler’s experiences for 2022-2023

The luxury industry now more than ever is fully optioning their vehicles and, in fact, they’re demanding innovations from bespoke models. 

@Bowlus; Bowlus Announces New Interior Amenities and Exterior Enhancements for 2022 Model Year.

Bowlus, one of the leaders in performance luxury recreation vehicles, today announced model year 2022 updates for their full lineup of travel trailers. Several premium features are now standard on all Bowlus models. By adding these new elements, Bowlus is further delivering on their mission to constantly elevate the luxury land traveler’s experience.

For 2022, Bowlus luxury trailers are now being delivered with enhanced kitchen storage solutions, redesigned modern LED tail lights, and vented air conditioning for all living spaces. Additionally, the app-controlled Bluetooth brake controller and 60-Second Hitch™ are now standard on all models.

Bespoke customization options are more popular than ever and continue into 2022, with both the “One of One Program” and “Personalization Program,” giving customers a chance to realize their dreams through more than fifty-six million different available combinations to personalize seating, flooring, bedding, and awnings choices. Clients can create a completely unique, one-of-one luxury RV designed to their specific tastes and reflecting their own personal narrative.

Bowlus pricing for 2022 starts at an MSRP of $215,000 for the Bowlua Endless Highways Edition. The Endless Highways Performance Edition starts at an MSRP of $240,000. Pricing for the Terra Firma begins at $265,000 MSRP.

Luxury land travelers have been spending more time dining in their mobile sanctuary.

So for 2022, Bowlus has reimagined kitchen storage and functionality for those who are interested in off-grid meals in the comfort of their RV.

In the kitchen, the updated 2022 Bowlus includes extra-large, hard pull and soft close drawers which are unique to Bowlus. Each drawer has the ability to hold a vast range of dishware and cookware, and includes a second drawer that can be used as an alternate pantry. These features are naturally extended to the expertly designed chef’s kitchen, which offers a premium culinary experience off-grid, with its modern design, double-burner gas cooktops, ample counter space, and marine-grade refrigerator and freezer.

Also new for 2022 is the directionally vented air conditioning system, which directs purified air to all living spaces within the travel trailer. This functionality adds extra comfort to each environment within the trailer. For 2022, the Terra Firma model will also continue to be offered with the BowlusPure water and air filtration system, featuring HEPA air filters and freshwater filtration to instill confidence and peace-of-mind while on the road in any environment.

As the leader and pioneer of the luxury land travel segment, Bowlus obsesses over every detail, delivering master craftsmanship with the highest-quality materials.

For 2022, the distinct teardrop shape of the Bowlus exterior has been refreshed with a new LED tail light design. Vertical light strips, now measuring over 15 inches in height, bring not only increased visibility for safety, but also a striking new modern aesthetic that blends perfectly with the iconic Streamline Moderne design for which Bowlus is known worldwide. The rear lights are made up of 13 diodes and give the new 2022 models a distinct look from previous generations.


New technology is something Bowlus only embraces when it speaks explicitly to the core brand’s user group: the luxury land traveler.

To help create relaxing and seamless experiences for clients as they travel across the country, 2022 Bowlus models now include, as-standard, the popular integrated Smart Brake Controller. This functionality allows for easy switching between tow vehicles through a Bluetooth-controlled mobile app, allowing travelers to spend more time enjoying their destination and less time worrying about connecting tow vehicles. The controller, which works with the triple-axis, motion-sensing accelerometer, provides highly responsive, smooth braking to any tow vehicle without any modifications. It was previously introduced in the Terra Firma model and is now featured on all models.

Additionally, the 60 Second Hitch is now included on all Bowlus products due to high demand. This feature provides travelers the fastest, easiest, and safest hitching (and most user-friendly) experience of any recreational vehicle on the market today.