Ultradynamism: Alpine x Felipe Pantone present the result of a second collaboration



@Alpine x @Felipe Pantone

An exceptional paint job on the body, in the purest Felipe Pantone spirit.

It is on the side-lines of the Monaco F1 Grand Prix that Alpine unveiled an exceptional Alpine A110 car designed by
Argentinian artist Felipe Pantone. The continuity of a collaboration initiated in April with the artist. Only three out of four copies manufactured will be available for sale.

The Argentinian artist designs unique works of art with the Alpine A110;

In the unique and prestigious setting of Monaco, Alpine and Felipe Pantone presented the result of a second collaboration. This new association follows the work “Alpine F1 x Felipe Pantone” presented a few weeks ago. Felipe Pantone then delivered his artistic interpretation of Formula 1 with Alpine on a 1/2 scale model exhibited on the first floor of the Atelier Renault dedicated to Alpine cars.

@Alpine x @Felipe Pantone

The collaboration between Alpine and Felipe Pantone is taking a new step with a work on the Alpine A110 vehicle, the automotive brand’s iconic model.

Before tackling this project, Felipe Pantone spent long hours studying the high-end brand, its history and of course driving an Alpine A110 car to feel the unique personality of the French sports coupe. The result is a modern,
dynamic and elegant interpretation of the Alpine A110. The graphic lines follow the shape of the A110 and give an impression of speed even when the car stands still. It also features the signature colours of Felipe Pantone, black and white.

“My idea regarding the work on the A110 is to evoke a sense of “ultradynamism”. Visual speed is something that I have been investigating for years now and that I feel it really comes together on this car, emphasizing it’s brilliant design with a fast, technological look”, – Felipe Pantone.

The paint job on the body, carried out entirely by hand by the artist, represents several weeks of work. For even
more exclusivity, each of the three models offered for sale will feature subtle graphic variations to make each of these A110s a unique piece.

“Through this second collaboration with Alpine, Felipe Pantone once again demonstrates the extent of his talent. The creative work and its execution are exceptional. The colour schemes, geometric shapes and optical effects reveal the A110 in a new light, with a heightened sense of movement. This work results in a modern, dynamic and captivating work of art”, – Cédric Journel, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Alpine.

@Alpine x @Felipe Pantone

A work of automotive art developing 292 horsepower.

This Alpine A110 designed by Felipe Pantone is based on an A110S, the most potent version in the A110 range
developing 292 horsepower. Each of the three A110s will be on sale at a price of 125,000 euros including tax.

Approved for road circulation, these unique works of art are aimed more at collectors and lovers of beautiful objects than at track fans.

Alpine F1 Team in the colours of Felipe Pantone and hot laps with Fernando Alonso.

To reveal the result of this collaboration, Fernando Alonso got behind the wheel of the A110 x Felipe Pantone and
took the artist for a hot lap session on the Monaco Grand Prix track. This summit meeting was an opportunity for the two protagonists to discuss their common passion for beautiful automotive objects and Formula 1.

In addition, to celebrate this second collaboration, the Alpine F1 Team is wearing the colours of Felipe Pantone with typical graphic elements. This graphic signature was particularly evident on the motorhome and the nose of the A521s which were at the start of the Monaco Grand Prix 2021.