AlpinerX Comtesse Glacier: The only detail that gives away how smart it really is?




With the AlpinerX Comtesse Glacier, the watchmaking brand founded in 1883 has applied the latest smart technology to a timeless classic in the form of a feminine and sporty chic watch. Limited to 500 timepieces, this new Alpina watch is exclusively available online. The name of the smart timepiece was chosen by the Online Community.

Alpina Watches – Alpina AlpinerX Comtesse Glacier smartwatches; @Alpina Watches

Proven technology with intelligent and customisable features is housed for the first time within Alpina’s famous sports watch for women, the Comtesse. The only detail that gives away how smart it really is? A discreet digital display at 6 o’clock that shows a set of customisable notifications on demand.

An everyday companion, the Alpina AlpinerX Comtesse Glacier can be configured down to the smallest detail. Even the order in which notifications are displayed can be customised. More than just an accessory, this timepiece is an everyday companion, worn on the wrist.

Algorithms embedded in the AlpinerX Comtesse Glacier allow for some seriously smart features, like your recommended hours of sleep based on previous nights, activity level required to achieve your goal weight, suggested sports to play, alerts to get you moving or encourage you to relax (depending on your heart rate) and plenty more besides. All these features are then reviewed, analysed and collated within the dedicated Alpina Smartwatch app, available for free download and compatible with iOS and Android.

Alpina chose quartz technology for its AlpinerX Comtesse Glacier calibre. This means that unlike nearly all smartwatches with lithium-ion batteries, the AlpinerX Comtesse Glacier’s battery is rechargeable and offers up to seven days of autonomy, depending on use.

Alpina Watches – Alpina AlpinerX Comtesse Glacier smartwatches; @Alpina Watches

On-demand display

At first glance, there is almost nothing to differentiate this Alpina Comtesse watch from another, given its curvaceous 36.5 mm steel case in different shades with alternating polished and satin-finished surfaces, steel strap supplemented by a blue rubber strap and a delicate navy blue dial adorned with nine diamonds. This stylish and elegant piece is ideal for everyday wear.

One tap on the crown and the ingenious AlpinerX Comtesse Glacier momentarily reveals selected information on the digital display positioned at 6 o’clock, such as heart rate, breathing exercises, activity tracker, notifications, weather, second time zone and chronograph, among others. Lightly press the crown to switch from one function to another. It is simple, intuitive and instant. As soon as you have looked at the desired information, the digital screen returns to standby mode and is once more invisible to the naked eye.

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