Alpine A110s lightweight coupe is assuming a position at the top of the line-up

New Alpine A110S is the latest addition to the lightweight sports car range.


ALPINE_A110S; @group.renault

With an intense sports car persona and assertive styling, the A110s joins the A110 Pure and A110 Légende in the Alpine model range. Assuming a position at the top of the line-up, the A110s is a lightweight coupe characterised by high engine power, a focused chassis setup and refined design elements.

The A110S is the fourth version of Alpine’s lightweight sports car. The first version was the A110 Première Edition, which came to market in 2017 and was limited to 1,955 units globally. It was with this version that Alpine was relaunched by parent company Groupe Renault, bringing to an end a two-decade dormant period and signaling the return of one of France’s most famous sports car manufacturers.

Having been founded in 1955 by Frenchman Jean Rédélé, Alpine soon established itself as a leading manufacturer of lightweight, fun to drive sports cars. Alpine’s reputation was cemented on the world’s race tracks and rally stages, its cars winning iconic motorsport events including Rallye Monte Carlo in 1971 and again in 1973, and the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1978.

The Alpine A110s has been engineered to deliver precise handling response and exacting high-speed stability. Sophisticated styling flourishes inside and out, as well the use of high-end materials such as carbon fibre and Dinamica upholstery, amplify the car’s purposeful nature.


ALPINE_A110S; @group.renault

At its core a true Alpine car, the A110s is a mid-engined, two-seat sports car that delivers 292Ps and weighs 1114kg. It is engaging to drive at all speeds while still being comfortable in everyday use. Approachable and undemanding to drive, the A110s is faithful to Alpine’s underlying principles of lightweight engineering, compact dimensions and performance through agility.

Priced €66,500* before options, the Alpine A110s will appear in showrooms in October.


ALPINE_A110S; @group.renault

“The A110S delivers an intense Alpine driving experience. From the very inception of the Alpine project it has been our intention to offer different versions of the A110 with handling and performance characteristics of their own,” said Sébastien Erphelin, Alpine Managing Director.

“Like all versions of the A110, it is easy both to drive and live with day-to-day. The A110S is welcoming of all drivers regardless of their skill level, too,” added Erphelin.

At its core the A110S uses the same very lightweight and compact aluminium body structure as in any A110, but the unique configuration of the chassis has given the new version a distinct dynamic character. The new coil springs are stiffer by 50 per cent and the dampers have been tuned accordingly. The anti-roll bars – hollow to minimise weight – are firmer by 100 per cent.

The lowered ride height, reduced by 4mm, optimises the car’s centre of gravity and lends the A110S excellent high-speed stability and instantaneous steering response. The bump stops have been tuned for ultimate body control. Overall, the focused chassis setup results in a high level of handling precision and dynamic efficiency.

The A110S has a power-to-weight ratio of 3.8kg/PS, which compares favourably to the other versions’ 4.3kg/PS. It sprints to 100kph from standstill in 4.4 seconds.


ALPINE_A110S; @group.renault