Top vegan chocolate: fun and tasty vegan snacks that everyone can enjoy

@SWEET REVOLUTION Organic chocolate latte with cordyceps

SWEET REVOLUTION Organic chocolate latte with cordyceps (Dairy-free, gluten-free and refined sugar-free)

Give your hot chocolate the ultimate upgrade with SWEET REVOLUTION Organic chocolate latte with cordyceps. This ‘feel-good’ latte uses raw cacao to create a deliciously indulgent cup of hot chocolate.

Sweet Revolution uses only the very best Criollo cacao from the rainforests of Peru. The cacao is farmed organically by farmers working in a co-operative which supports the local economy. The Criollo bean represents only 5% of the world’s cacao production and is very high quality, aromatic and lacking in bitterness. The beans are minimally processed at low temperatures to preserve these natural characteristics.

“We’ve also added some Chaga mushroom powder for it’s amazing properties. Historically, Chaga mushrooms, also known as “black gold”, are known for their antioxidant content. In fact, they have one of the highest, if not the highest, antioxidant content of any food. Our Barista Blends are designed to be added to hot milk, either dairy or non-dairy.” – Sweet Revolution.

@HIP CHOCOLATE HiP vegan oat milk chocolate

HIP CHOCOLATE HiP vegan oat milk chocolate pack of four bars 280g

HiP transforms some of the most well-beloved chocolate bar flavours into dairy-free modern classics. How you ask? Well, each bar in this selection is blended using the brand’s signature oat milk and cocoa recipe, then infused with sweet treats such as Cookies NO Cream and Salty Pretzels. Creating indulgent flavour must be in the founder’s blood, he is the great-great-great grandson of John Cadbury, after all.

@CHOCOLATE Oat M!lk chocolate-covered jumbo raisins

CHOCOLATE Oat M!lk chocolate-covered jumbo raisins

Made with cacao supplied directly from Columbian farmers – who the founders have personally visited – the allergen-free Oat M!lk chocolate-covered jumbo raisins are not only vegan but low in sugar too. If you ask us, they’re ideal for indulging in as an afternoon sweet treat.

CHOCOLARDER 70% Asháninka dark chocolate 70g

If you’re a chocolate purist, then Chocolarder’s attention to detail and passion for finding the best ingredients might rank it in your list of favourites. For this 70% dark chocolate bar, the Cornish company uses Amazonian Criollo beans – the Holy Grail for cacao enthusiasts, because of how it picks up Brazil nut, grapefruit and banana leaf notes from its surroundings.

BOOJA BOOJA Champagne chocolate truffles 185g

Suitable For Coeliacs, Ovo Lacto Vegetarian, Lactose Intolerence, Ovo Vegetarian, Vegans, Vegetarian.

Tantalise your tastebuds with these decadent champagne chocolate truffles from Booja Booja. Presented in a beautifully crafted box, these are a divine treat for you to enjoy.

@BOOJA BOOJA Champagne chocolate truffles