The best in vegan food and wine: Plant-based products to tantalise the taste buds

@Booja Booja Vegan Chocolates;

It’s time to change the way we eat, one delicious dish at a time!

One of the best (and easiest) ways to improve both your health and the environment is to increase how many plants you eat in comparison to animals and animal products. Eating better (and less) meat is the way forward, as mainstream meat production significantly contributes to deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

Selfridges luxury department store is committed to tackling deforestation in the food supply chain, which is why Selfridges completely eliminated the use of palm oil in our Selfridges Selection range last year.

“Palm oil itself isn’t inherently bad – in fact, it has a very high yield and is extremely versatile,” explains Jessica Abela, Product Developer at Selfridges.

“The issue lies with the current demand for palm oil, which is causing mass deforestation across Southeast Asia.” Tropical forests have a rich biodiversity and are home to many species (including some near extinction), and these forests are currently being drained and burned to make way for the planting of palm. This destroying of carbon-rich soil and the releasing of carbon into the atmosphere is contributing to climate change.

@BOOJA BOOJA The Artist’s Collection hazelnut truffles box

BOOJA BOOJA The Artist’s Collection hazelnut truffles box 185g (Country of Origin United Kingdom)

Treat a loved one (or yourself) with Booja-Booja’s decadent hazelnut truffles box. Free from dairy, gluten and soya and made from organic ingredients, these irresistible treats are a luxury you can enjoy guilt-free. Containing sixteen of the melt-in-the-mouth chocolates, the box has also been handpainted by talented artists in Kashmir, India to give a luxuriously ornate feel.

SELFRIDGES SELECTION Vegan Organic Red wine 750ml

Selfridges is partnering with Spain’s Altes family to bring you the Selfridges Selection Red. The Garnatxa grapes are grown organically (without any pesticides to harm the soil) in the villages of Batea, Gandesa, Corbera and Bot before being hand-picked for this full-bodied and fruity bottle – which is vegan, FYI. Enjoy yours when the sun comes out by accompanying it with robust delicacies from the grill.

@Elizabeth D Bakes Vegan Cookie Selection Box

Elizabeth D Bakes Vegan Cookie Selection Box 360g

“Plant-based chocoholics and cookie-lovers of the world rejoice for we have found a box filled with decadent treats that are both vegan and gluten free. Pieced together by Elizabeth D Bakes in its London kitchen, it combines two snickerdoodle cookies dusted with cinnamon and sugar with a couple of the classic crowd-pleaser: chocolate-chip and two polka dots swirled with colourful sugar-coated chocolate discs.” – Selfridges

ANANDA’S Raspberry marshmallows;

ANANDA’S Raspberry marshmallows 80g

Ananda’s handmade gelatine free Raspberry Marshmallows are flavoured with real natural Raspberry flavour, coloured with carrots and sprinkled with real raspberry powder for a taste sensation. Marshmallows for grown ups!

MODERN BAKER Salted peanut and chocolate chip sourdough biscuits 200g
Healthy biscuits? Yes please…Modern Baker is starting a revolution of cookies with a conscious, whipping up delectable treats like these chocolate and salted peanut biscuits with all-vegan ingredients, and using slow-risen sourdough as a base. Packed with nutritious spelt flour (for extra fibre), they’re stirred with chunky choc chips, crunchy peanut butter and pinch of salt – indulgence, without the guilt.

@Cru8 Keto Raw Almond Morsels

Cru8 Keto Raw Almond Morsels
They are the perfect low carb, Keto treat, abundant in antioxidants, plus brain boosting MCT, and the added benefit of all-important fibre. High in prebiotic fibre, these are gut health friendly, and a source of magnesium and manganese to boot.

They are a great snack for travel, at-the-desk, or on-the-go. A moreish and satisfying treat without the guilt.